Suggestions for light, clear colors

peppygirlNovember 4, 2006

I have paint samples (3 of them) on a wall and I'm not happy with them. I think they are too muted. The colors are Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage, Light Silver Sage, and SW Mild Blue. I like clear colors that are soft and cool. I need a neutral for our large family room and don't really like the color my decorator suggested (SW Rice Grain) because it looks too dark. I want to use Sherwin Williams since our paint contractor uses their paint and I have always bought paint from them and been pleased. I've gotten so frustrated with color selection so I'm seeking advice from you all. I want a light blue, a light blue-green, and a neutral. Also need a white trim color. Sounds like a letter to Santa. Thanks for your suggestions, Pep

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Lori A. Sawaya

I know you said SW, but a few full spectrum colors popped into my head. Ellen Kennon's Aqua for your light blue-green. Dusk for a light blue. She has several neutrals, Wheat, Beige and Greige would work in nicely with the other two colors if they would be in close proximity.

SW neutrals, there's always Latte, Nomadic Desert and Kilim Beige. If you can find Olympic Paints, grab a swatch of Blue Shamrock for your light blue-green and have SW color match it. Light blues at SW, I'd comb thru the Martha Stewart Signature colors to find one while they still have them. White trim color SW Dover White or SW Snowbound would be chips to grab and take home to see how they look with your flooring, etc. Hope that helps some.

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If you would consider Benjamin Moore, take a look at the white collection card and the serentity collection card. Both have bright, light colors, not muted. The muting was a big issue for me and why I didn't use F&B, f.ex.

Guess you might not consider Devine, which appears to have a very bright, light palette.

Funcolors, do you agree about Devine?

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Couldn't get back to computer for awhile. Thanks for your ideas. SW now has a designer (on Thursdays and Fridays) and I'll go in and see what she has to offer. Liked the Kilim Beige. By the way, Where do you find Ellen Kennon paint? I'll also check out BM. Thanks, Pep

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