Wholesale Pet Food?

adichristiJanuary 2, 2009

The dog food bags are getting smaller (I won't name the company, but I bet you know who it is) and they are still charging the same price! Is there anywhere you can buy wholesale and save some money? Thanks...

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I don't know the answer to your question about wholesale dog food, but our local pet stores regularly offer coupons and sales. We try to pay attention and take advantage of those savings.

It seems the bigger the bag, the cheaper per pound. We got a plastic storage bin to keep the larger amount, so it stays fresh and bugs can't get in.

As someone else here will surely inform you, just like with humans, the quality of food makes a difference in your dog's health.

You'll find that smaller portions of food are needed in the healthier brands, so price comparisons should take recommended feeding amounts into consideration.

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You should list the companey so we'd know.

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Well, I would think the wholesale quantity required to buy would be spoiled by the time your dog could eat it all. If you're talking about Canidae, try switching to Evo. No grains, so much healthier. Yes, you'll pay more, but feed less and excellent quality.

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Without knowing the brand of pet food, it's hard to offer any real advice, but the pet food manufacturers' websites often offer coupons and rebates. I buy my pet food at a local place, and for every 11 bags/cases (canned) of pet food I buy, I get the 12th free. I have two cats, and a case of 12 13oz cans lasts me approximately 12-14 days, so the free case is easily attainable. Considering they're already pretty competitive for the brands I purchase, I really appreciate the "bonus" case/bag I receive. They're competitive with even the cheapest online retailers, and I don't pay shipping. The free case/bag is pretty nice, and I like supporting a local small business owner.

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I'm in the same situation as jenc511. My local pet store sells many high quality brands, buy 10 bags get the 11th free. With 2 huskies, 2 rotties, and a lab, that saves me quite a bunch. Plus I know the food is always fresh. Unless the food has nasty preservatives like BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and others, it won't stay fresh long enough to buy wholesale. With those toxic additives, it isn't worth the money saved for food since your pet's health will suffer.

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HMM did you see my you tube video... what REALLY in your pets FOOD?

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We have two German Shepherds and we feed them Nutro Natural Choice, large breed dogs.

Where we buy our dog food they scan your petsmart thing, but I never see any coupons and sales in the mail.

We are not switching dog food, but we are switching to a different store that offers you something back! Like buy 10 and get one free.

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