Bold colors with chair rails

sashasmommyFebruary 7, 2011

Does anyone have any pics of rooms with chair rails painted with bold colors? Okay, that was a misplaced modifier, LOL. I mean the room is painted a bold color, not the chair rail.

I am toying with the idea of painting my computer/craft room eggplant, and it has a chair rail. I was thinking I want the eggplant to be on the top instead of the bottom because I don't want it all covered up by my huge desk, craft table and other furniture.

I found this pic that has the darker paint on the top, looks nice to me. Does anyone have any pics to share?

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Gosh, not to my recollection. I have so many inspiration picture albums and sub albums that I'd have no idea where to look since I have no albums just for chair rails. Funny I have one for about anything else. I may have to start one. I think it's very pretty though.

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Our master bedroom. The chair rail was already there. At some time in the distant past this was a living room. We took out the door to the front of the house to give us more wall space. Added 2 more windows on the original window wall to brighten the room. I like the idea of the rich colors with the chair rail.

this is our morning room....again lots of light and dark color is the same above and below the rail but I can picture a lighter color...maybe someone can photoshop for you...

Sure hope this helps. c

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What pretty rooms TrailRunner.

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Trailrunner....what color is in the last picture? It looks like a lovely eggplant. Please forgive me if you've mentioned it in a previous "eggplant" post and I just don't recognize it.

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Beautiful rooms, thank you for sharing!

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Just: Thank you !

tracey: it is the is actually Belgian Chocolate ! The paint is BM matte and the color is an Olympic Brand color. If you click on the pic you can see the rest of the room in my photobucket. We have since moved everything into what was the DR and made this room the DR. I haven't ever posted new pics.

sashasmommy: I hope it gave you some ideas. Thank you ! c

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You're welcome.

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Here's a section of our livingroom wall (Glidden Belgium Waffle painted all over and then Glidden Cinnamon mixed with Behr glaze over the portion above the chair rail.

I'd never have used Glidden had I known it'd take more than a week for the fumes to go away (in nice weather with windows open daily) but in its defense it covered in one coat walls that the P.O. probably hadn't painetd in a decade.

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My living room (BM Moroccan Red above, BM Vanilla Ice Cream below chair rail):

Dining room (BM York Harbor Yellow above, BM Vanilla Ice Cream below):

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My dining room with Valspar Mulberry Shadow above my ivory wainscoting. The ceiling is a matte gold color, a SW, but I don't know the name.

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