sudden refusal of a particular food

bizabetJanuary 15, 2011

See if any of you can give me a take on this. I always feed Friskies Prime Filets chicken and gravy to 2 of my cats, and they suck it down like they have seen food in 8 days rather than 8 hours. Yesterday morning both of them just picked at it. Thought maybe they had found something else to eat and didn't think anything about it. Yesterday evening, still wouldn't eat it. More than willing to eat something else--gulped a can of fancy feast and ate their usual treats. This morning, I made sure that I picked a can from a different batch. Both the first 2 cans were the same lot number, Rudi wouldn't touch it and Sophie just picked at it.

I"m at a loss. Have my cats suddenly become finicky? I put them on it in the first place because they were overweight and the vet promised that the wet would pull the weight off. It did and they have thrived for several years on the stuff. I thought maybe there was something wrong with one of the batches, but since they refused the one with a diff expiration, now I really don't know what to do.

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The fact that both of them are refusing it says something, IMO. Or......they're just tired of it. :~).
Maybe it's time to switch to a new brand/flavor? I started off feeding my cat the most expensive foods and after awhile she started refusing them or either had diarrhea with certain flavors. I then tried some of the other brands (going by ingredients) and she fell in love with the FF Tuna w/gravy. She refuses any other flavors!

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Cat food manufacturers have a habit of tweaking their food recipes from time to time (I assume to substitute cheaper ingredients to improve their profitability). I think there's a good chance that the Friskies variety you've been feeding has been recently changed in a way that your cats do not appreciate.

Looks like it's time to switch to a different flavor or brand that your cats will enjoy. Mine have always preferred a variety, anyway.


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I stopped at Walmart and got a beef flavor , a chicken tuna blend and one other one. Still Friskies. I much prefer dry food, but it apparently packs the weight on these two. I went with the chicken bec it seemed like a bland flavor. The fish types stink so!

Thing is, I've tried a can of fancy feast with them, and both times, somebody horked it up. (and oh yes, wasn't that fun to clean out of the grooves in the flooring). I'm a little leary of trying new food if I may have to scrape it off the furniture.

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Here is the deal. The food you are choosing to feed your cats is full of sugars and fillers. It can contribute to a number of health problems - basically it is like feeding them junk food.
I suggest you go get some Natural Balance limited ingredient crunchies from the pet store. It will cost you a bit more per bag, but it is healthier food, your cats wont eat as much, wont poop as much and will probably stay healthier for longer.
They may turn their noses up at any other food for a bit, but that is because they are addicted to the sugars and fats in the Friskies. PS Fancy Feast is just as bad as friskies.
Go into the pet store and ask the clerk to help you figure out the best food for your cats - they can teach you about avoiding meals and by products, sugars and corns and too much fat. Hope all work out for you and your cats - good luck

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I fed my cats a quality dry cat food, and they were ballooning into blimps. At the recommendation of my vet, I went to the wet food. I raised most of the objections you've mentioned, since everything I'd heard is that the cheap cat food was basically junk. Very skeptically I tried the wet. That was 2 years ago. Until this recent "won't eat it" episode--which I am beginning to think is simultaneous hairballs--my two have been disgustingly healthy. THeir coats are thick and shiny and all other vitals were just where they belong. So weird as it sounds, mine are doing well on the cheap stuff. And something else the vet said--most dry cat food--including some of the more expensive stuff--is high carb, which is why cats love it.

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Mazer - Chicken meal, Turkey meal, Fish meal are the meat without the water. So if a pet store employee is recommending this is something to avoid, they are misinformed. Foods leading with named meat 'meals' actually have a higher percentage of the named meat than many foods leading with 'Chicken', 'Turkey', 'Fish'. There is no reason to avoid pet foods which included NAMED meat meals - meal is simply the named meat without the water. If the package just says 'meat meal' or 'meat' (in other words could be rat :) that would be a problem. But named meat meals are fine. Also, there are some grains in the canned product Bizabet is feeding, but no sugars. She is providing a moist diet (vs dry) to manage her kitties weight.

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Years ago, cats lived long lives eating grocery-store cat food. My first cat lived with us 12 years and was about 3 or 4 years old when she came to us (apparently was dumped by previous owners). She ate Meow Mix exclusviely DD's cat lived to be 16 years old, eating Meow Mix. I have a friend who has two cats, one 20 years old, the other 18, eating only dry grocry-store food.

My last two cats lived to 12 and 14 eating Purina One dry food.

I think the more expensive foods, while perhaps having fewer grains, are not that much better than cheaper brands. I know it makes sense that cats should eat only meat because that's what they eat in the wild. But, from my experience, it doesn't make any difference. Have there been long-range studies (15-years or more) showing that cats that eat expensive cat food live longer with fewer problems than cats who have been fed the cheaper brands? I doubt it. It used to be that Eukanuba, Science Diet and IAMS were the premier brands. Now they are sold in grocery stores and other brands are the premier brands.

Just clever marketing and companies able to cash in on people's thinking that if they pay more, it must be better.

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years ago when I was growing up on a farm, the farm cats ate what they could catch, and we fed them biscuits to make sure they had something to eat. Of course we lost a few to foxes and who knows what all, but we also had some that lived VERY long lives. Now here I am running to the vet at the drop of a hat and I still have health problems with them. PErsonally I think that almost any wet food is going to be better than ANY dry food bec it's better on their kidneys. I've tried the expensive stuff, and yes they poop less and stink less, but the very expensive EN food that my one cat was on didn't seem to do any more good than the cheap Friskies.
BTW, Sophie has started eating again, but Rudi is still snurling his nose at the wet food, even though he acted very hungry. I'm going to give him one more dose of Cat Lax and see if he will eat in the morning and if he doesn't then I guess it's off ot the vet to see if they can find a hairball or something. Since he acts hungry, I'm tempted to say eat it or nothing, but I don't want him to shock his system too much. He'll still eat a bit of kibble, so I don't know what the deal is.

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bizabet:Personally I think that almost any wet food is going to be better than ANY dry food bec it's better on their kidneys.

I agree completely.

I just checked a can of Friskees Turkey and cheese Dinner in Gravy -- I cannot find any sugar or corn syrup on the ingredients list??

I personally think all dry cat food is junk -- don't really care what you pay for it. It makes you cat fat and is hard on their kidneys. Most people feed it because it is convenient and cheaper than canned food.

I just wish I could get my cat off it completely -- being home all day with him, he tends to beg me to feed him whenever I am in the kitchen.

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We had a really negative experience with our puppy and the more hybrid foods. Since then I've become skeptical about their claims of being superior. They are so expensive and in some ways it seems they may be more of a scam than anything else.

Our cats 17 & 20 have been given either Friskies, Wiskas or Nine Lives most of their lives and were always healthy. The 17 year old just passed from cancer and other than that was never sick a day in her life. The 20 year old has problems now stemming from old age but is still healthy especially for a cat his age. They both rejected other foods of any kind.

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