How important is it to wash living room wall before painting?

miss_marbleOctober 10, 2006

Do you think it's really necessary to wash my living room walls before painting? The paint on them is ten years old and I'm refreshing it with the same color. I would wash a kitchen wall because of cooking splatters, but wondering about the other rooms in the house.

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Geez, I had to go through a lot to post this....
If your walls are dirty and they are painted with a semigloss, clean and skuff with sandpaper.
it really comes down to what your painting over. Painting over glossy paint, skuff with sandpaper, cleaning wouldn't hurt. Painting over flat paint, you might want to skuff it a little, but probaly don't have to.

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Hello Miss Marble!
Most paint companies recommend washing walls for the absolute best results. Use TSP mixed with water, or a no-rinse substitute. Dirtex is another good wall-washer. Rinse well, and let dry for a day.
>>> I realize you're just "refreshing" the same color, but after a decade, I would "prime anew!", and then put on TWO coats of your color. Color and SHEEN are much more consistent when you prime.
>>> The chemical bond (adhesion) is improved when priming. Paint sticks to new primer MUCH better than paint-to-10yr.-old-paint...
This'll help!

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Thank you fishead and faron. I was hoping to get by with less work...! But so be it, will do.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Everything Faron said, but I also recommend the Dirtex over TSP. Dirtex is safer to use and doesn't require a rinse. TSP will prevent adhesion if not properly rinsed, and rinsed well.

Washing will Dirtex will also degloss the walls which makes the paint adhere better.

Don't skip the primer!


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I didn't wash mine, but I took a swiffer over them and was amazed at how much dust there was. I dust the horizontal surfaces regularly, but didn't realize how much dust stuck to vertical surfaces.

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With paint - cleanliness is next to Godliness. Clean the walls - check for residue - tint your primer if you are priming. If you are using flat finish, one finish coat may do the trick for less work. Two finish coats IS best.

Try a wall and see if you like the results. On better way than that!

Have fun!

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