tips on painting masonite 6 panel doors

andrelaplume2October 10, 2010

I have 8 of these suckers to paint. They are the cheapie $19 a door ones from HD/Lowes and are being used as sliding doors on basement closets. They have been hanging for a year now with nothing other than their primer coat. I see no signs of warping or anything so, though cheap, they look decent and seam to serve their purpose. I figure I should paint them.

Let me say I painted some 6 panel doors upstairs in the past. They were new with the house 20 years ago and likely were better quality. I rolled these and brushed the squares and they look ok but I see stipple. I figure there is a propper way to paint these and I wonder what it is and what tools I should use.


Should I paint these while hung or lay flat?

Do I need to paint both sides since they are primed and being sliding doors, no one will ever see the inside anyway?

Brush them, roll them or both?

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I'd consider having them sprayed!

Call a few body-shops and/or painters, describe the doors, and see what they say...

Regardless...scuff-sand the doors with ~100-grit paper.
* The primer has Looooonnng since dried-out too much to be any good (30 days after the initial application to-tell-ya-the-truth!!!).
* IDEALLY...Re-prime, either by spraying or brushing.
* MY 1st choice: Lay-'em flat and brush only.
* Use a good 3" angled brush. Don't skimp here...may cost you towards $20.
* Use XIM's Latex-Xtender in the actual paintcoats.


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