what do you think of this backsplash?

razamatazzyFebruary 24, 2013

I have a countertop similiar to this, and am still trying to decide on a backsplash. I also have stained cabinets, they are a traditional style.

I had been going down the white subway with gray grout path. But ran across this on houzz. What do you think of this backsplash?


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I don't like decorative bands, personally - I prefer a solid backsplash.

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embedding the photo

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Aside from the decorative band, It looks like a very flat matte porceline tile. I like ceramic subway tile, and if I go that direction I will choose matte, just because I I don't want every surface reflective. I was just thinking this may be a alternative that is not so common.

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What Tina said.

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We selected a matte porcelain tile for our backsplash. We picked it because frankly it was half the price of the polished, but we quite like it. I originally had concerns that it wouldn't be as easy to clean, but that hasn't been the case at all. We also did a longer shape for fewer grout lines and to skew a bit more contemporary than subway tiles. If you are going for a more traditional looks, then I think this would be a good choice.

Personally, I am not as opposed to the decorative bands that many here seem to hate, but that is a personal preference. If your granite is similar, it would look like a quieter and more consistent pattern, so that would hold up well to any accent pieces.

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I like the band because it adds some other color and breaks up all the same color.

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I love my decorative band. It is personal preference for sure!

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It would be interesting if people would say why they don't like a row of accent tile. The one reason I've heard is "I prefer a clean look." But what's not clean about a tasteful row of accent tile?

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I can't really define well what I don't like about it - maybe it's just too much of a horizontal line parallel to the horizontal line of the countertop and bottom of cabinets, it creates a striped effect?

I also think that tiling is a fairly big job so picking something that will go with possible future changes is a consideration for some (ie change in countertop, cabinet color?).

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I like the band very much. To each his own.

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Definitely - that's why I said "personally", because I realize this is a personal taste issue...

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This one is better than most, probably because I can't see the grout lines on the background tile with my monitor, and all the other elements are very plain (in a good way) and similar in color, but in general I don't care for decorative bands or inserts of tile or framed accents of different tiles behind the range. Can't tell you why, just not my taste and not this one, but many look dated to me. Just a personal preference and agree to each her own.

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I like it. The other elements are very neutral and it gives it some personality.

We have an accent band, but the reason we did one was to help pull together our top and bottom cabinets, which are different colors.

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There are always two camps when ever this question comes up.
So, maybe the question here should not be what WE think about it as in if we like it or not, but rather if the colors or style of the border go with your cabinet choice.
I am not personally a fan of the borders, but there are a few kitchen on here that have them and I have to say I like them in their kitchens.

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I love the band. It breaks up an otherwise very bland kitchen and adds some personality and additional colors. This forum has a very vocal "anti-band" group, but I wouldn't take that personal opinion as gospel.

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I agree with chiefy76. In the kitchen you show, the band gives visual interest to an otherwise bland kitchen, and Iike it very much.

Another idea would be to use the mosaic behind the range only, and take it to the ceiling. Others have done that and it looks nice, too. Sorry I can't remember who has done so recently, maybe someone else can link to a kitchen with a similar backsplash.

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Typically I don't care for bands myself, but I actually really like this one! They usually feel too busy for me, but this one seems calm, especially with the tones of the wood.

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I like it. The whole effect is very nice, IMO.

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Re: Bands, I have seen some pretty ones but generally I just don't care for the look. It breaks up the splash and floats in an odd place that will most likely be covered some of the time around the kitchen and they remind me of a racing stripe. Especially if there is great contrast in the tiles. I don't understand it. For me I would do one or the other but not both (either all field tile or all band tile I mean). I don't mean to offend if someone loves it but that is my explanation for my feelings about bands. I have to agree that the one in the photo does look nice.

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It's definitely a personal preference item. In a narrow space, they can serve to visually widen a space as well as center a design vertically. (That can also be a negative thing... it depends on the space). In the photo linked below, it helps unify the fact that the cabinets are all at different elevations.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I like it a lot!

After many weeks of trying to pick countertops and backsplashes, from quartz to granite to porcelain, we found a beautiful solution that includes a decorative band.

I think the choice is personal, and if YOU like it, then it's great! I'll post mine when its installed in a month or so, but my whole look is much different than yours. It includes a decorative band which has a touch of glitz, and I'm thrilled with it. It's the one diamond in a rustic style kitchen!!

Thanks for sharing! I love your choice!


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