White Castle Stuffing? Really???

doucanoeNovember 22, 2012

It has been downright balmy here the past week, so last night we took advantage before the cold front moves in later today. We invited our neighbors over, fired up the fire pit and had a few glasses of wine. Talk soon turned to Thanksgiving.

One neighbor said her brother called her and told her he found a recipe for stuffing made with White Castle Hamburgers. He asked her to make it. She is going to.

My immediate reaction was EEEWWWWW! But all the guys thought it sounded wonderful!

Not to worry, she is making her regular stuffing too, but since her brother agreed to get the "Whities", she is making a batch of this to appease the menfolk!

White Castle Stuffing will never pass these lips!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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Well, except for the pickle, it's bread and meat and onion, right? I never got used to the idea of sausage in stuffing/dressing anyway, but hamburger meat isn't that far off, I guess.

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I've heard of it before so I tried a search and here ya go...

It won't on my table.


Here is a link that might be useful: White Castle Turkey Dressing

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Haha Nancy! I didn't even look for a recipe it just sounded so gross!

I'll have to ask her how it was. Must be a "guy thing".


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Nope, we don't even hav a White Castle within a couple of hours, although I do know that stuffing should be made with stale bread, LOL.

I'll bet my family would want me to make it, if they knew about it. I'm not telling.


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Saw the recipe years ago, and ran across it this year along with the Twinkie stuffing. I'm passing on both if ever offered, and you can keep the "TurDunkin'" too, though I would try the Tater Tot stuffing if someone offered it.

Speaking of White a$$holes as they're better known around here, they were what were first called "sliders". It was *far* from a complimentary term. I don't understand why everyone who makes a small burger or sandwich, especially a good quality one wants to call it a "slider" these days. I'd rather call mine dogshitake on a shingle than compare my cooking to that unhurled vomit.

The "WC" (is that more than just a coincidence?) does have good fries though. I'll give them that much. And I liked their (though short-lived) chili. Chunks of Angus beef, no beans, and nice flavor. But no snot on a tea biscuit for me.

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Thank you, Cynic. I now have coffee sprayed over the computer!

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Lmao, cynic! But if you don't appreciate WC's it just means you don't smoke enough weed. It's delicious as long a you're not too sober. Can't wait to try the stuffing!

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Oh, there's nothing in the world like the 2 am crowd at the "castle". Problem is you really shouldn't drive after five minutes breathing the air in there!

Gotta give 'em this much though, they're a loyal crowd. Back in my bar closing days the castle was one of very few places open to get foo, uh, no, not food, but, well something to absorb the booze for the drive home. The trick was to find an alternate exit. Cops seeing you pull out of the WC at 3am would usually pull you over. Either you were drunk, high or seriously ill! They seldom wanted to smell your breath though, fancy that! :D

If you'll excuse me, I must depart now. It's not often my body threatens to purge from more than one end just at the thought of the misuse of groceries.

But remember, the "holes" cost them extra!

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Thank you FOAS, I wish we had a White Castle
around here.

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