paint HORROR! feeling like such and idiot

FroofyCatOctober 29, 2011

So, dh and I spent all day yesterday looking at paint swatches. We actually really liked a dark berry color but being afraid to go that dark, and thinking a very light color would be boring, we decided to go with a medium mauve color.

(this is for the bathroom post below - pic included - but color we thought we decided on not in that pic)

I go to BM store. Paint lady asks if I need help. I decide to tell her my issue, showing her the pic on my phone and the color I was planning to go with.

She talked me into brown (BM Woodacres). Just wanting to be done with it, and glad to have someone tell me what to do, and thinking "at least it won't be pink," I bought brown.


Horrible! No way can we live with this!! it's even darker than the berry color we were afraid was too dark! And it was BROWN!

So we spent another entire day rethinking colors.

We decided on a slightly lighter brown/darkish beige. (It's BM Dellwood Sand if you're so inclined to look it up) It has reddish undertones so think it goes with the pinks in the tile yet is decidedly a different color, and it at least won't read as "the pink bathroom." We're confident the value of the color is similar to the mauve we'd originally decided on so it won't be too dark, but the hue isn't pink which we like.

I'm getting up at 6am and starting with a coat of primer - because now I have a dozen test spots to cover!! Plus I think it'll make the paint cover much better because I did notice my samples were soaking right in and hard to cover smoothly on the plain drywall...

All I can say is this beige color better at least look like something I can live with, because I cannot deal with any more indecision OR buying any more paint or samples.

(oh, and paint store lady told me to paint the tile brown too... aiy! After thinking on it, though, dh and I might go back later and paint the pink/flower border white to match the window and door trim.)

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

One of the convenient characteristics of paint is it can be repainted.

I have Tea Room accent wall in our family room. It would have been your best choice, IMO.

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