Advice on Acrylic vs. Elastomeric paint on smooth stucco exterior

vovaOctober 15, 2012

Hi Everyone...a bit of a paint novice here.

We just had our home re-stucco'd with smooth color integrated stucco. The result was that we liked the texture but not the integrated look. Additionally we didn't like some of the hair-line cracks that started popping up in some areas (which i'm told is common). Our GC recommended using an acrylic coat on top of the stucco to give a uniform look and also add additional protection to the stucco. I also hear Elastomeric products are the way to go...not sure what to do. Any folks with experience on this? Do the two products give a different finished look aesthetically? Pluses or minuses of one vs. the other?

We're in the Bay Area (in case that makes any difference in terms of weather, etc.)

Thanks again!

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We are in southern CA and have smooth stucco on the exterior. When we bought the house the elastomeric paint was 10 years old and looked great. No chipping or cracks were visible. We did some remodeling and repainted the whole house and new structures in a new color. The most recommended product in this area is the Dunn Edwards elastomeric paint.

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hi vova, what did you end up going with?

we are in the bay area as well and considering integrated stucco color with the acrylic final coat and paint.

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