Growth of dog's nails

carmen_grower_2007January 24, 2010

I heard that if you never clip a dog's nails, the quick will grow longer and you will never be able to get the dog's nails short. Is this true?

Our lab is so active that her nails stay short but since we have had so much snow, she can't run outdoors like normal. She is almost 2 yrs. now and we have never trimmed her nails and wonder if it is necessary since in the spring, they should wear down naturally.

In the past, we always trimmed our dog's nails, but this is the first dog that we have ever had that can be free outdoors.

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The quick will grow, but if you start trimming every week or so as close to the quick as possible, it will recede again. I wouldn't worry too much about it. My dogs' get their nails trimmed maybe 2-3 times a year and they are indoor most of the time. Their quicks haven't gotten too long.

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i have to dremel my greyhounds' nails once a month...but the quicks have really receded, esp in the female-her nails were a mess when i got her, so long, must have really painful, as long nails push back on the entire toe i have just been working away at them bit by bit and they are quite good now. I have a much happier greyhound! When I got her, she did not want to go for a walk at all, and now she's the first one at the door!

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