Sink in 12 inch base update

YuliaOFebruary 22, 2014

*****edited to add a note
( i actually tried to update my topic but accidentally started a new one)â¦So if anyone remembers - i started couple of topics about sink in 12 inch cabinet baseâ¦and this is an update :))))

My kitchen is not complete yet, but i figured i should post an update. (still waiting for backsplash, shelves in the corner etc)
I got two sinks,both SS (small blanco and 33 inch stages)

For now, i am really liking my layoutâ¦Maybe i'll understand it was a mistake later on, but for now i am enjoying itâ¦The only thing i don't like is my crazy water filter faucetâ¦Small sink is actually pretty big. i can easily drain pasta in there.

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looks great!

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What a great setup!! Looks perfect. I always thought that a pot filler alone without a sink nearby was only half a solution. So, what don't you like about the filter faucet? Too slow a flow?

And how are you liking all of those fabulous appliances? Or did you cover this in another thread and I missed it?

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Can't wait to see more. Your kitchen looks fabulous and, even more important, functional. Who/what is the little guy on your shelf?

Good luck with the rest of your ktchen.

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Thank you!
THe filter faucet base is not straight to begin with but my plumber put it in so it looks angled from every side (you can see on the photos)â¦it drives me crazy!! i think i am going to ask him to alter it somehowâ¦It's the only pull out filter faucet i could findâ¦i really like this feature, it kinda works as a pot filler. I can only reach two closest burners though.

I don't have much to say about the appliances yet, we just moved in a week ago and as you can see lots of work is not complete yet.
I love cooking on the gas but didn't figure out how to keep the pot's handles cool yet (3 burned fingers later LOL). Didn't try the oven yet, but used steam oven and liked it, but i didn't do anything complicated in it yet⦠I use it as a small oven a lot to make kids lunches for school. I really appreciate that it warms up faster then the big oven, big deal for me( i have to make 3 kids lunches every morning)
Oh, and we finally tried the griddle! Oh my, it's SO awesome!! Did chicken in the evening and pancakes in the morning. If i figure out how to prepare crepes on it i'd be in heaven (they would be square i guess but who cares :))) )

2 griddle photos

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jennifer132, thank you!
One of them is Moomin Mom, one of my favorite characters

and another one is just a little witch (or is it Gretchen?) i bought in Germany a while backâ¦Maybe she has some meaning or history, but i just like her cute face :)

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Thanks for the close up. These little folks look like good kitchen buddies. If only they could help make the kids' lunches!

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Your kitchen looks great, the countertops are gorgeous! I'm so glad the sink worked out for you, it's nice to see your wonderful space coming together so well. :)

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Your pancakes and chicken look great! So glad everything is working great so far. Happy cooking! I have not really cooked on a gas stove but with the griddle in the center, could you not turn the handles over that and not get hot, at least if you're not cooking there. And turn the handles towards the outside over the counter when you ARE using the griddle? I bet you're having fun with the BlueStar. I'm curious what you cooked on before.

I must be missing something because your faucet looks straight to me. Unless you are talking about that odd wand looking piece to the right? What is that BTW?

Congrats on your actual cooking in your place even if it is not all finished!

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I remember the thread with the sink close to the stove. I'm glad it's working out well for you and it all looks great!

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Thank you all! I'll take better pictures with real camera when the backsplash and hood cover is done...

Cindallas, I cooked on regular electric glass cooktop before

Yes, thingy on the right is the filter faucet, it's made by kwc

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I love your kitchen! Can I ask what brand and size sink you put in beside your stove? And what faucet? I am considering a similar setup for my kitchen, if we can manage it. We won't have as much space between our sink and stove as you have though. I have a 15" cabinet planned, so I'll only have a few inches between the edge of the sink and the stove. Do you think that would work OK?

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Hi lisapoi,
i got sink and faucet on amazonâ¦
sink is Blanco 512743 Precision Small Bowl Undermount Sink, Vertical Orientation, Stainless Steel

and faucet is ALFI brand AB2038 Solid Retractable Single Hole Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steelâ¦It's cheap, but works fine so farâ¦

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco 512743 Precision Small Bowl Undermount Sink

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Your kitchen is looking great.

Moomin mom - oh how you brought back memories. Loved that show as a kid.

I don't think you have to worry about square crepes, they'll still come out round as long as you don't fill the whole thing with batter.

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Thank you lyfia!

I think griddle is my favorite part of the kitchen so far. Made egg whites in literally 3 seconds today!

my least favorite is mw drawerâ¦maybe i need to read the manual..:)))

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So happy to hear you enjoying your new kitchen. i remember when you were planning the layout and all the trouble with getting the rangetop! Glad to see it all worked out.

And your chicken picture is making my mouth water!

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thanks for sharing this really unique feature., Curious as to how your plumber was able to work in such a tight area? Did you also fit a filter under there?

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its very tight, but i didn't plan on using this cabinet anyway

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