I can't believe this entertainment center is so awful

lucilleOctober 15, 2010

I bought this 3 piece entertainment center today from a picture on CL, without actually going to look at it. It is horrible HORRIBLE, some stained cheap cruddy veneer over plywood. But the guy invited me to come over and look at it and I didn't so I deserve what happened to me.

On the bright side, it is large with plenty of display room for my various knick knacks as well as the dressed geese I just bought (geese clothing is a whole nother post, the outfits are too cute and buying new outfits is positively addicting). And some of the doors have openings with decrepit old cloth covering (intentional, for the sound system I guess) that can easily be replaced with cute fabric.

So it is grainy and ickily stained a medium icky brown. Ick. I could just throw it away but it is a challenge and it bugs me that I paid for it thinking it was actually a decent piece. I want to paint it white and fill in the grain so the veneer does not look like the cheap pine that it probably is.

I think it could be cute. I can always throw it away if I screw up the painting process, but I really would like to win against this sorry icky disappointment.


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If you like the shape, fix any wobbly spots first. Then sand it smooth, prime it and paint it.

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I've been sanding, buying primer, and in general having a good time working on it. The fact that it is not expensive wood is giving me a feeling of confidence. I returned foam rollers to the store after reading some of the posts here, there is a lot of good advice here. I bought some BIN primer,
The only way I can possibly have anything good come out of this is if I take my time and do it right.

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OMG. It's beautiful!!! It has taken a long time because I sanded, primed (with stinky BIN), and so on, on weekends. I still have to do the doors to the bottom cabinets. But it is so pretty! In the center where most people have a TV, I have my iguana enclosure, I watch Herman more than I watch TV anyway.
I bought an airless sprayer and it is the biggest pain in the behind ever, and if you don't have experience spraying you can overspray and get drips. So all further painting will be done by brush.

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We need before/after pictures!! :-)

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So glad it turned out the way you wanted!

Pictures please!

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