High Gloss H*ll in Mooresville NC

SueWantsToSwimOctober 23, 2012

I'm in love with the ultra high gloss walls I'm seeing in all the design mags/blogs etc. and decided to try it out in my kids' rooms, one accent wall per room (two total). I bought BM Advance for one color and made the mistake of buying the cheapo Ace brand (which they told me was BM) for the other. Then, after reading up on high gloss a bit, I decided to do the right thing and higher a 'professional' painter.

You can probably tell where this story is going..... The "professional" painters not only did NOT sand or prime the walls AT all, but they even did a horrible job of basic painting! When I hired them I went through exactly what I wanted and even showed them the paint I had bought. The day of the job I made sure to show the boss guy pictures of what I was expecting before they even started.

The walls are a mess. The boss didn't stay on site so when I called to voice my concerns he said, "So, what do you want me to do?". I told him I wanted it fixed. He said he'd come the next day. Of course, he was a no show the next day. Argh. The painters left all of their equipment here and my kids aren't able to sleep in their rooms at the moment.

Anyway, I called FPE to see what they thought. I realized I should have just bought the Hollandlac Brilliant in the first place (but luckily I didn't waste the money on that w/ a bad paint job). So, now what do I do? The very nice guy at FPE said they didn't have anyone in my area (close to Charlotte NC) who they thought could help but they gave me the number of one guy who's bought the paint before. I called and left a message and through my GoogleFoo found out that he's a contractor. He hasn't called back.

What do I do? What would you do? I'm considering calling every painter in a 50 mile radius and asking if they've worked with Hollandlac Brilliant before and see what happens. My walls certainly couldn't get any worse!


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"What would you do?"

Do it myself.

I am such a horrifically fussy person that the only way I can deal with things like this is to do it myself. That way I accept any mistakes much more easily because I know what caused them.

Two walls is a piece of cake, even with extreme sanding and priming. You could have it done by the weekend.

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Do it yourself, because unless you are rich, you can't afford that magazine style glossy perfection.

I've done it in chocolate brown, it looked fabulous, but it's tedious.

It takes several days to get the look and it's mostly in the prep: patch, let dry, sand, patch, let dry, sand, clean every speck of the dust off the walls, ... prime and paint with flat or eggshell that matches the high gloss (2 or three coats).

Finally, you have ultra-smooth walls that are almost the color you want. Then do 2 or three meticulous coats of the high-gloss.

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I have never worked with this product for wall painting. Is it the acrylic version? Acrylic high gloss paints may be tough to apply, so this may be the reason that your every day painting company struggled with it. I would probably apply the first coat with a roller and then spray the successive coats because I would suspect that the roller pattern will be visible unless you spray it. It may be hard to find a painter to do this job because painting walls with high gloss is not something they do every day.

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Ouch. Yes. Do it yourself. High Gloss is not something a painter would WANT to deal with every day.
Use a low, lower, lowest nap roller. Consider maybe a foam roller.
Spare no time or expense in the prep. If not you will see every defect, fingerprint, mark, etc...
Good luck

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