stain coming off cedar siding

canishelOctober 6, 2010

About 5 years ago I stripped off the old semitransparent BM stain, neutralized the stripper, and rinsed with water until the water ran clear and had no bubbles. Followed the Behr stripper instructions.

Waited at least a week or more and then restained with BM's semi-transparent deck and siding stain. The staining took several months (since I'm so slow). I mention the time because it rained several times, thereby rinsing even more. Put on two coats, by brush. Looked good at the time.

Now, the stain is coming off, in apparently random places. Is this common?

If my strip job was bad, why is the stain coming off now, as opposed to several years ago?

I haven't called BM yet since I expect the answer to be something like "user error".

Before I stain yet again, any comments or suggestions are welcome.


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BTW, I did call the BM paint store and was told that two coats should NOT have been applied. That sounded like BS since the instructions mentioned time between coats.

Also, where else should I post this question?
I have to get this house stained again. So what brand and formulation should I use?

Thanks for any help.

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