Recommendation for Kitchen Scissors

fiveholetargetMarch 24, 2013

Can anyone recommend a pair of kitchen scissors that can cut through grape stems? Thanks!

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Just go to Wal-mart or some place like that where they have a sewing or craft department and buy a pair of Friskars....they work great and last forever......

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henckels twin-l-kitchen-shears-
You can't go wrong with these.
look on eBay too.

Here is a link that might be useful: scissors

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I must agee on the Fiskars kitchen shears... about ten years ago I bought a pair at a sidewalk sale, for about a dollar, I think. Anyway, these scissors have cut chicken bones, wire, stems, etc. and they are still going strong, with no sharpening in all that time. I use them every day, I'm sure.

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I have a pair of Cutco kitchen scissors I love! In the demonstration, the woman said they'd cut a penny. I haven't tried a penny, but they cut through everything else I've tried. They also come apart easily for thorough washing.

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I think the important part is to purchase a pair that comes apart for cleaning.

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I have about 4 different kinds, all but one was bought at garage sales. The pair I like best are the ones I bought at the Dollar Tree. The brand name is Betty Crocker and they only cost a dollar. Deals too has them for the same price. The others are fine and they probably only cost me a quarter. I wash all of mine in the dishwasher and none come apart.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I bought a package at Costco that came with 3 pair in the package, and they are heavy duty and easily come apart which is essential in a kitchen shear. I cut through bone with them easily. Clauss Titanium is the name on them.

Fiskars does make good scissors I have several in my sewing room.

added link

Here is a link that might be useful: scissors

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Wusthoff....Trident. Love my scissors and knives!

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I just bought the ergonomic Fiskers shears and I love it. It has a spring like motion so you don't have to squeeze hard at all. Even my dh agrees they're great.

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I just go to Harbor Freight and buy those .99 ones they have (if you watch the coupons, sometimes you can get a pair for free). They're great in the kitchen, and go through the dishwasher beautifully. I've used them on pretty much everything and they last pretty well. I keep about 3-4 pairs, because I use them for everything--grape stems, cutting pizza, opening bags, etc and there's always a pair or tw in the dw. Haven't had any self-destruct yet and I got my first pare at least 8 years ago, but at the price, it doesn't really matter if they don't last.

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can't remember when we bought, but have a pair of larger sized fiscars i found on sale at home depot or lowes...

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I have a small pair of wire cutters in my kitchen drawer that are dedicated to grape stem cutting.

I like to serving my grapes as small clusters of 5-6 grapes. That way they're ready to grab and eat, but they are desiccating through having their stems pulled out.

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I usually buy the $1 ones. For the most part they work as well as the expensive ones and if I have any trouble I'll toss them. However I have some that are angled that I got at Menard's. Not your normal looking "kitchen" shears, can't remember the name of them or how to describe them other than their shaped sort of like a hockey stick so you can cut that blister packing and not have the stuff come across your hands while you're cutting. Plus they supposed will cut light metal. They are tough. When I find more of them at a good price I'll pick up several pair. I got them for free and used them for opening blister packs and now I can't find them. Which is another reason I buy several and prefer cheap!

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Look in the cooking utensil section at Walmart, they have several to choose from, I always get mine there and have been very pleased with them. They have nice big handles for easier gripping. I think the ones I buy are about 6.00 maybe and they last at least a couple of years and they get used on about anything.

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I retrieved my main pair from the garbage at the trucking company office where I worked security, until about 14 years ago, that had been pitched because someone broke about a 1/2 - 3/4 inch off of one of the points.

I'll have to put the sticking-out-useless side on the grinder one of these days, to cut it down to equal length with the broken one, and shape it a bit ... it should be easier to use, that way.

It's of the old thick-bladed kind.

The one I use for sewing has a thin blade and plastic handle ... don't recall the name.

But it's a fine work kind, doesn't come apart for cleaning (as is the old, broken one).

I have another for sewing and general use that had thin blade and plastic handle, but the handle had broken. Fortunately they were thrown out together and I was able to mend it using a small piece of flat aluminum that I shaped so the handle would stay in place, and move the blade as requested.

The two blades don't separate on it, either.

ole joyful

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