Cat sneezing blood

susanjnJanuary 19, 2005

One of my cats occasionally sneezes a little spray of blood. The vet didn't find anything unusual. Have any of you seen this before? What was the eventual outcome?



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I'd go to another vet ASAP.

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I found this in another forum: (you can go to the link and look for this post--I don't know if I'm supposed to post it here, but...)

Cat sneezing blood sometimes

From: Kelly

My 8 year old male cat has been sneezing for about a month or two. He looks and acts normal,but even though he seems fine I've noticed he sneezes blood sometimes. I should probably take him to the vet but he is so afraid it's unreal.I sure would appreciate any advise you might have. Thanks Kelly


Hi Kelly!

Get your kitty to the veterinarian right away! Many problems can cause these symptoms: nasal polyp (benign growth), foreign body in the nasal cavity, severe tooth infection, sinus infections, or more seriously, nasal cancer. You owe it to your kitty to try to get some help for this problem since it does not seem to be going away. Your kitty will not have to stay scared, as it is best to give a calming sedative to do some of the tests that will be needed to evaluate your cat. If the teeth are bad, they can be cleaned and pulled if necessary. A nasal or sinus flush may be needed, and xrays of the sinuses are a must. Your cat will have to be sedated for these procedures, and at the age of 8 I would recommend doing some bloodwork (liver and kidney tests) to be sure that his internal organs are functioning well before sedation. At Loving Hands, we use gas anesthesia (Isoflurane) which is the safest anesthetic agent we have. Your kitty would breathe the gas in and go to sleep, and we would keep him asleep while the tests were performed, and then he would breathe out the gas and wake up within 5-10 minutes. There is always a risk with sedation and anesthesia, but it is very minimal and should not prevent you from seeking answers to your kitty's bloody nose. Good luck, and please let us know what you find out. - Susan Leck, DVM

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat sneezing blood sometimes

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Thanks, bbaird. Our vet did mention those possibilities - did blood work and it all came up normal. For a couple weeks Spottie (the cat) didn't sneeze at all that we noticed, but now she's doing it again. So I guess we need to escalate. Sigh.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh, God! They're so cute together!

Yeah, I would take it very seriously and not stop until you find the cause. It certainly can't be normal.

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I had a cat with a nasal adenocarcinoma. For a year, my vet kept telling me that it was an infection - probably fungal. He would improve somewhat on antibiotics but never cleared. Our initial observations were coughing when slight pressure was put on his neck, licking around face and shaking his head. These were "soft" signs. The cough was treated as "asthma" for a couple of years. Was this the start? Well differentiated adenocarcinomas grow slowly. Then I noticed a unilateral nasal discharge - sometimes clear, sometimes pus and sometimes bloody. As an old ENT nurse, I kept querying tumour as it was unilateral. She kept saying no because of no facial asymetry. Finally we sought a second opinion - at a facility that had nasal endoscopy equipment. This vet knew from just the initial exam that he was dealing with a tumour - lymphoma (statistically for common) or more likely adenocarcinoma. He was right on. It was deeply inset under his eye. Piroxicam kept him a lot more comfortable for a couple of months. The asymetry progressed quickly at this stage.

I'm not upset at my vet for missing this diagnosis. The history was there in retrospect but the clinical signs weren't.

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Thanks for the info, Holly. We're still working on the diagnosis. Spottie also has no facial asymetry. I'll keep you posted.

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I'm back to give an update.

Spottie's symptoms seemed to come and go. We took her to a specialty vet who pretty much echoed what everyone said here. (The vet is a remarkable woman. I feel fortunate to have met her.) In the mean time we had some human medical emergencies. That, combined with the on-off symptoms, we just recently managed to get Spottie in for the whole scope/scan thing. They did see a mass on the scan, but the biopsy did not indicate cancer.

Spottie is on antibiotics, and we'll see what that does. Still, the vet is concerned that she didn't biopsy the right spot. The discharge from her nose is clear now, and her breath smells MUCH better. If it is just an infection, we have been told to expect it to recur for the rest of her life. She's 14. So now we wait.

I'm adding the link below because, before this experience, I didn't know such places existed except at vet schools. They also have a page with links to other resources that might be helpful to someone.

Here is a link that might be useful: vet specialty hospital

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My cat has been exhibiting this same problem. It started right after I moved from Boise, Idaho to Portland, Oregon. About a week or so after the move, she started sneezing blood about 3 or 4 times a day. I took her to the vet and they did a blood test and prescribed the antibiotic Amoxidrop (Amoxicillin). They did two blood tests, one for cancer and one for infections, unfortunately they lost the blood sample they were using for the infections test. The cancer test came up negative.
However, in the mean time the antibiotics caused the blood sneezing to stop and so I didn't bother to take her back to get another blood sample. But about a month later the blood sneezing came back full force.
So I just took her back to the vet and they prescribed her another Amoxicillin again (but this time for 14 days instead of 7) and also an anti-viral medication for cats called Viralys which is a Lysine supplements. The veterinarian said that it could be possible it's an infection caused by a virus that often spreads around when you have colonies of farm cats, which is exactly how my cat grew up in Idaho. So now I have started giving her that medication. Today is her second day of it and I have noticed her sneeze blood once today, it's really to early to tell though... hopefully this will make her better.
But I recommend to other people with this problem to try to get an antibiotic prescribed before you have a blood test, if you're concerned about spending more than you can afford. The blood tests from my vet were about $100.00 and simply seeing the reaction from the antibiotic answered that it was some kind of infection. So I would try to do that first. Hopefully this run of antibiotics will do the trick.

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We abopted a 3 month old kitten from a kennel. He started sneezing and watery eyes, fever. We took him to the vet, and he said he had the "kitty flu" we gave him antibiotics for 10 days. All the other systems have gone away, but not he sneezes blood. What should I do?

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ginawhitty ~

Please take your kitten back to the vet to be checked out. This doesn't sound like "the flu" so find out what is going on. Don't wait a long time. Call today and leave a message to get you in first thing Tuesday morning. If kitten displays lethargy or symptoms worsen then go to an emergency clinic.


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I'm sorry to hear that your new kitten has these symptoms. Our cat, Spottie, lived about a year after she first started sneezing blood. She was on and off antibiotics the whole time. I could tell when she needed another round when her breath smelled bad.

Evidently a nasal mass is relatively common in cats, although I'd never heard of it before. Depending on the location of the mass, as it grows, it can cause the face to become mishapen. The infection is just a byproduct of the mass. As I said earlier in the thread, we took her to a specialty vet for a diagnosis. It ended up costing about $1100 just for the diagnosis. The only cure would have been VERY invasive surgery, which would have had its own risks. We decided not to put her through that, which I still think was the right decision at her age.

Eventually one day, she couldn't swallow. Even when I'd use the eyedropper to give her a little water, she couldn't handle it. It was extremely sad, as she was quite healthy otherwise, but she was 14 years old.

I hope your kitty just has a little flu bug, and not what our Spottie had.


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I hope Whitty will be okay. My 6 year daughter just loves her. I'm calling the vet tomorrow and hope it is only a bad sinus infection.



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My cat Snowy is 13 years old and about a month ago she sneezed up a little bit of blood. She always sneezes and I didn't think anything of the sneezing until the blood. I got in a panic but then she seemed fine. Then today she sneezed several times and a bit of blood was sneezed out, more than the first time. I really am scared now, but once again now that she did that one time she is not doing it when she sneezes. I see a lot of people take their animals to the vets for antibiotics, but should I be concerned with putting her on any kind of medicine because of her age? And the fact that she has never sneezed blood in the entire time I have had her (all 13 years) but these 2 times is making me wonder if she has a nasal constriction or what the problem is. Am I overreacting or should I take her to the vets ASAP?


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Yes, take her to the vet!

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I had a parrot with the same symptoms. It went on for over 2 years before he finally passed away. It was Aspergillosis. I'm not sure if I spelled that right, but basically it was a fungal infection throughout his entire respiratory system. When he wasn't showing the obvious sneezing blood signs, he acted perfectly fine. Very hard to diagnose. I believe cats can get this too, might be worth checking out.

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Thank you guys! I did call the vet the other day and they asked if she had any mucus coming out because she has always sneezed. I told them no color, just the blood before. They said to keep a close eye on her, which of course I have been doing, and I've been now giving her antibiotic. She is acting more like herself and seems ok. I will however check into that what your parrot had. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I will let you know how everything turns out

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I had a cat whose only symptom was sneezing a few drops of blood. She had been to the vet several times and the vet had no definite diagnosis, needless to say we tried several courses of different antibiotics and nothing stopped the sneezing. Since that was her only symptom (she was acting normal and eating) we did not fear anything was terribly wrong. She got suddenly sick just recently and passed away, it turns out that she had FIP which is a deadly disease that happens to about 1 in 5000 cats. Take your cat to the vet immediately if he/she continues sneezing blood. It is best to be prepared for this type of situation so if he/she gets suddenly sick you can help make her comfortable.

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My cat was sneezing blood for about 5 days two years ago. She was 11 at the time. I did some online research and found that it could be linked to cancer. She has not sneezed blood since this one week two years ago, and I dismissed the possibility. She recently has gotten sick. She is very unresponsive and refuses to eat. She is also throwing up a bile-like substance, but it is much darker and has black specs in it--probably blood and blood clots. All of her vitals passed the tests, and her ultrasound came back clear. She still was not eating as of yesterday, and we had a feeding tube put in her. The vet was able to feed her twice and she stayed the night. This morning we were told that she threw up the same dark/speckled substance. This made the vet believe that it could be cancer-probably upper intestine or gall bladder. We were faced with two options: continued use of the feeding tube and chemotherapy pills OR euthanasia. We have 3 other cats at home (two @ 11 y/o and one at 15 y/o). All 4 are house cats raised in the same home since they were 12 weeks old. Everyone in the household works full-time as well. Due to the circumstances, we chose the latter. R.I.P. Snickers.

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I have a question for all you out there. Two days ago my mother took her cat into the local vet because my cat was sneezing a lot of blood. They kept him for a few hours to sedate him and do some blood work and x-rays. The vet told us that it looked like he had a small mass tumor in his sinus cavity and referred us to UW-Madison vet hospital. Where my mom had taken him to get a CT scan done. Wed night we had gotten him there around four and later that night they said the bleeding had mostly stopped. Well the next day they did some more blood work and finally did the CT scan. And found no mass but did a biopsy of an area that they may have questioned. They called my mom and said once he wakes up we could take him home. Well a little later they called and said his blood pressure and heart rate dropped and wanted to know if we would want to them to do CPR if it got bad. Well a half an hour later they called and said that he was fine they gave him fluids took a chest x-ray and that came back good and they thought he woke up too fast and got scared. Well a half an hour later they called my mom and said his heart rate had dropped again so my mom went back and saw him and she said he had blood pouring out of his nose and mouth. He would pick his head up and cry then drop it back down. They later asked if we would want to do a blood transfusion because his blood count was low because he was bleeding out. Shortly after they said there was nothing more the could do and put him down. I feel that the vet did not do enough and if he was bleeding why they could have not done something to stop it. How can doing a CT scan kill a cat? He was only three years old and showed no sign of sickness. Please tell me if the vet did in fact do everything they can. I personally do not recommend anyone going to the UW-Madison Wisconsin vet. And it was only a day or two that he was sneezing blood so it was not a long term thing

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I'm sorry to hear about your mother's cat. I don't know anything about CT scans, but am the OP of this thread. It sounds like he got sick very suddenly and at a young age. Your mother must be very sad.

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I first noticed she was sick I took her temp. it was 105.6 my I called the emergency vet number because I was scared my kitty was going to die. Her sister brought this upper respiratory infection into the house after a vet visit. All my cats are experiencing long sneezing attacks and stuffy noses. Some are sneezing blood as well.
The sister Siamese was tested for feline leukemia and FIV and FIP. So in most cases my cat with the sneezing fit is free in clear, because she uses the same litter box. Also she never started sneezing blood until she had the cold for about 3 days. My Vet said it is a very common thing, for a cat to sneeze blood after and during a bad sinus infection. My kitty is acting normal and eating normally. Antibiotics are being given to all of my cats for there infections. I just wish vets weren't so expensive, but my cats are worth every penny.

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Hi everyone - I'm really hoping someone can give me some advice. My cat, Bobby, will be a year old in a few weeks, we got him at 12 weeks and he has always been very happy and healthy. However, we got a new kitten, Alfie, a week and a half ago. Alfie was 9 and a half weeks when we got him so still very young. As soon as we brought him home, we realised he was sneezing A LOT. A couple of nights ago we realised that he'd been sneezing blood! I did some research online and found this post - which has really worried me. I booked a vets appointment straight away. I then noticed, 2 days ago that Bobby had started sneezing too... not blood as far as I can tell, my he looks really poorly. I took both cats to the vets yesterday - the lady just gave them both a shot of antibiotics and said to wait and see how they are in 2 weeks - they both had temperatures of 102.5/102.9. They are both eating well/going to the loo fine and playing together but the sneezing is still bad.

If it was life threatening - would Bobby have caught it?? I'm hoping it's just a little infection which will clear but I've also read that infections in cats can last a lifetime. I hate the feeling that my little Alfie may be at risk, and even more that Bobby may now also have caught something serious. I would really appreciate any advice!


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the same thing happened after we got our cat. I had changed food not to long after we got him so our cats could eat a healthier food. On of my cats started sneezing blood and seemed to be having trouble breathing. Sort of like when someone gets a bad cold. His eyes even seemed like they were getting infected. The first thing I thought was it was the food. I looked at the ingredients and went back to the store to look at the other flavors in the same brand purina one. I found one that didnt have brewers yeast in it. He started eating it and in a few days all the symptoms were gone. Hope this helps. Alot of vet clinics also carry food that is designed for allergies.

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Hi! I have a 13 year old cat who was diagnosed with FIV about 9-10 years ago. His name is Mici (Me-chee.) His teeth are rotton so I've switched him to soft food and that has put a little bit of weight back on him (since he'd lost so much from not eating hard food.) I noticed a few days ago that he had some yucky black stuff coming out of his left ear. It looks like it could be earmite gunk. However, he didn't like me touching it. I also noticed him sneezing bloody mucus. The ear seems a bit better today, but he is still sneezing. I've got an appointment for him in the morning, and I'll post what I find out.

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Follow up to my kitty. We have ear medicine for the draining ear and antibiotics for the whole kitty. The doctor seems to think it is a sinus infection. Hope so!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Hope he gets better soon. Glad you got him to the vet. Keep us posted on his progress.

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Thanks for all of the info, my 12 yr old cat just sneezed blood for the first time, so our saga is just starting. This story is kind of random, but the correlation makes sense to me; my 8yr old daughter has had a nosebleed problem for a couple of years, due to the dry air in our home (electric heat + wood stove--and yes, we do have a water pan on the stove). Her doctor advised using vasaline up her nose morning and night, which has pretty much solved the nosebleed problem.

My cat Pumpkin sleeps directly ON TOP OF a heater vent, (or the vent directly over the woodstove) and she most often lies face down so the air blows onto her forehead. Do cats get dry sinuses and nasal membranes like we do? I will pursue with the vet tomorrow, but would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks! Cathy

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My sisters cat is names Sassy. Sassy was a Xmas kitty from last Xmas 2010. Sassy started sneezing blood about Feb. She went on antibiotics and it didn't do anything, she then got blood in her eye and went blind in that eye. They put her on another antibotic and that didn't work and then her other eye filled with blood and is blind. She continues to eat and try to get around, but has days were she drools or has days with harder breathing.The vet has suggested putting her to sleep.
Don't know what to do.

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My 18 year old cat started sneezing blood. I would take her to the vet, but I am afraid it would give her a heart attack. She is old and comfortable. She moves pretty slow and has lost weight. Our financial situation right now does not allow for vet bills, and from the posts I have read it seems like they would be costly. She has no other symptoms like discharge or leakage.

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Hi everyone,

I live in fiji and my cat has been sneezing up blood. I'm quite worried as we only have 2 vets here and neither of them are any good... are there any physical signs i could look for? even the smallest signs???? Squatter and I have grown up together. mum and everyone say its nothing but I was wondering if you all could help, you've experienced it. i thought you might be able to give me a break down of the signs if it is serious...


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You already have a physical sign; she's sneezing blood. Take her to the vet for a check-up. Even if the vets aren't good, it just might be something they know how to diagnose and treat.

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