Lansdale Carrara Marble Backsplash- Polished or Honed??

MBF16February 17, 2011

Hi! I have finally decided on Lansdale Carrara Marble from Tile Shop. Doubt it's "Real" marble, but i like it.

I can't decide on polished or honed. My cooktop is on my island, so very little cooking is done around the backsplash.

I have Black Galaxy granite, and white cabinets.

My first inclination was to get polished, but on the 5 samples I have, there are these little white "Dings" in it-- almost like a powdery feel. Not sure if it's from being banged around by other tiles in the box, or just more noticeable on the polished. (again these are samples, but most of them had these white flecks/dings. You could sort of feel it with your finger, but it doesn't wipe off easily w/water.

I'm more concerned about appearance than maintenance, as I'm not a huge cook. I already ordered polished, but was thinking about calling and changing it to honed.

Thoughts on either next to Black Galaxy (which is black with copper flecks and sparkles)

Thanks so much!

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I know this isn't what you wanted to hear but I can't see the carrara with the Black Galaxy granite. There's nothing that ties them together as I don't think there are coppery tones in the tile to let them work together. I would use a backplash that relates more to the coppery flecks of the granite and enhances them.

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If the granite is polished then perhaps you want to used the honed so it isn't too shiny? But I agree with blondelle that I'd want to see them together to make sure the tones work.

We're planning on using the Tile Shop's Hampton Carrera satin finish (e.g. not polished) subway tiles with honed, enhanced Jet Mist granite and white shaker cabs. The Hampton Carrera is a grey/white marble, not like the Londsdale which has a lot of browns and taupey colors in it. Anyone have opinions on this combo?

PS. I'm curious why you don't think it's real marble (and does it matter?)

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Hi - thanks for responding! The Lansdale has a creamy, taupey tone which I think (hope!) sort of blends with the copper. Regular Carrara didn't because it is all gray and white, but Lansdale seemed to blend it all-- the brown tones bring out the copper, and then then the whiter tiles tile in with the cabinets, while ones that are grayer tie in with my stainless steel..

I know the galaxy has the sparkle/flecks, but in general I think of it more as a neutral since you pretty much just see black counters. I didn't want anything too sparkly/glass/iridescent even though I LOVED that at first, but it competed with the sparkle, whereas the Lansdale is muted while still being warm and bringing some interest.

Thoughts? I can't think of anything that would incorporate copper as I don't want to do a dark backsplash, and don't want accents because it is a very small area. I wanted neutral, and soothing and something to warm up kitchen..

I saw a picture of something who used it on this forum and looked similar to mine. Granted she has very dark chocolate counters (not granite) but i was thinking of my copper like the brown.

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Oh- sorry, as for real marble. I just meant it's not this super high end marble from Italy like some of the higher end tile shops sell. (from what I gather) as it is inexpensive and I've never seen it anywhere else or online (Like the regular Carrara) I could be wrong. I don't care, I like it and the Tile Shop is great.

btw, apparently it only comes in polished? They have given me a few different answers on this

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My other concern is that the Lansdale has a rather old world look to it and the black granite with the copper sparkles has more of a modern look. Also, I don't know about placing a polished marble against a polished counter, especially if they don't have that much in common. Would you wear a shiny, satin blouse in a marbleized pattern with grays and taupes, with a shiny, black satin skirt that has copper glitter all over it? It's the same concept :-).

Try to do a search on or on the net for black galaxy counters and you can get some ideas as what others have paired with your granite. There's a perfect backsplash for you out there. You just have to do a bit of searching.

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I love the tan hues in the Lansdale but I can't find a vanity I like with it. We want to do our whole bath in different sizes of Lansdale (including the hex in the shower). Do you think I could pull off a dark brown vanity with a Carrera top?

Here is a link that might be useful: tile shop sample

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