I just bought a paint sprayer on Ebay

lucilleOctober 19, 2010

I was looking at all I had to do to get this entertainment center done and it was going to take years.

So, I got a sprayer.

Anyone here ever use one?

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I was looking at instructions on the internet about how to clean a sprayer after use. One place says that after using oil based paint (and I'm thinking that includes BIN?) you have to run through five gallons of mineral spirits to clean the sprayer? Just asking for advice, that seems like a lot but I'll go buy it if so.

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Latex/acrylic you will clean sprayer with water. Oil based you would clean sprayer with paint thinner. Lacquer you would clean with lacquer thinner. And BIN is shellac based so you would clean sprayer with denatured alcohol. It does not take 5 gallons of solvent either....should take less than one gallon.

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