Whispers...a holiday drink that is delicious..

trailrunnerbikerNovember 28, 2012

Just going through old stand-by recipes and thought ya'll might like this one. I copied it many years ago from a Southern Living mag. These are so delicious..also quite potent :) The delicious factor outweighs the cautionary one!


1qt coffee ice-cream
1/4c cognac
1/4c white creme de cocoa
1/4c Kahlua
whir in chilled blender till just mixed. serve in chilled stem ware with shaved chocolate on top or dusting of cocoa. Enjoy !

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Sounds wonderful!....sort of in the same genre as a Golden Caddilac or a Grasshopper or a Pink Squirrel or a Nutty Bishop!

As an old pro at making ice cream drinks I might change your recipe to read:
For one serving
2 scoops of coffee ice cream
1 oz cognac
1 oz creme de cacoa
1 oz kahlua
Blend 20 seconds, pour into a large stemmed margarita glass and top with shaved chocolate!
Um yum....that way you don't have to drink the whole quart of ice cream at once!!

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With that calorie count this would be lunch, dinner, dessert, and a cocktail for me!

Sounds delicious, though!


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Linda...all the fun is in having to finish it :) and with 2 couples it goes pretty fast.

Eileen...it is holiday time..with all the stress and activities this is a negative calorie count...I'm sure...right ??? :) c

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