How much poop can a cat eat?

tabbaldwinJanuary 26, 2011

I'm laughing now, but was crying earlier when my very fluffy-butted kitty, Coco, smeared poop all over the floor. Thank goodness for hardwoods and easy wipe-up, but too bad the fluffy butt isn't wiped up as easily. I did the best I could with him short of putting him in water, but I had to go clean up the floor because the HVAC guy was coming at any moment to work on our heater....and of course the smeared poop was all within steps of where he'd be entering the house. I sequestered kitty in a tile bathroom so he wouldn't soil any where else. However, now I'm worried about how much left-behind poo he's been licking. ?????

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yuck! I find the only solution to this with my fluffy-butt cat is the use my hair cutting shears on the behind. It is nearly impossible to wipe off.

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Yeah, we'd lightly trimmed his butt, but it's time again. This mush came out of his behind and didn't drop down into the litter box--it just clung there until he hopped out and sat down on the floor. ICK. Poor baby...hope he doesn't get sick from licking so much of it off his butt hair.

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Mother cats get their very young kittens to pee and poop by licking their genitals and butts, and then clean off the "results" (so to speak), so I would think they can handle a fair am't without becoming ill. I could be wrong, of course. :-)

Good luck!

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Yuk!!! The HVAC guy is licking cat poop????? That is really disgusting. Definitely get another company.

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Well, kitty's all clean and none the worse for wear (or licking). I don't even want to imagine what the mess would have been like had I not been home and saw it happening.

Here's a pic of my new babies. The dirty-butted kitty of this morning is on the left:

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Oh, but they are so gorgeous!!!!!!

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LOL -- they are just too adorable, and those poses!

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I suggest trimming those back area hairs on a monthly basis...

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Beautiful cats!

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