Best way to fill numerous dents/scratches in table top?

glassapplesOctober 17, 2010

Hi.. I'm going to be painting our kitchen set, but the table top is full of shallow dents and scratches. I was wondering what wouuld be the best way to fill these before paniting, possibly a buildable primer or even auto body filler? I really want to avoid the cost of putting new veneer on. Thanks for any help!

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Consider using your steam-iron!
>>> This often helps for DENTS, where the wood isn't crushed or broken.

This can be tricky however...I'd maybe ask in the Woodworking forum here.

The whole idea is using heat/steam to SWELL the wood fibers back up again. You need to fold over a dish towel a few times, and apply steam for a few seconds.

Scratches....hmmmm. It's almost easier to feather-sand these out.
The easiest thing here is to put up with a few "charachter blemishes"!

Regardless...scuff-sand the whole surface when repairs are acceptable, and prime. Consider 2 or more primecoats tho! This will give you a tiny "sanding-cushion" for a light final smooth-sanding b4 painting.


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Thanks for the thorough reply. I forgot I made this post until I started thinking about this project again lol. I'll give it a go!

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"Consider using your steam-iron!
>>> This often helps for DENTS, where the wood isn't crushed or broken. "

This only works on unfinished wood.

If you remove the finish from the table you could then try raigin dents with steam.

If the top is solid wood (not veneer) you may be able to strip and sand most of the dents out, and then fill a few larger dents.

If the top is to be painted it is easy to fill dents.
If you want a clear finish you will need to spend time hiding the dent repairs.

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Minwax makes a "high performance" wood filler that works like Bondo. Just make sure you are ready to apply it before you mix it up. And mix it up in small amounts because it sets up fast. I use disposable tools to mix it and have plenty of solvent handy to clean up the putty knives/ drywall spatulas I use to apply it.

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