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lke2decorOctober 28, 2010

I have attached pictures of my kitchen/family room which are open to each other. This is a townhouse. Lacking windows. We will be adding black countertops to the oak kitchen. The oak is very orangey. Thought I would set the oak off with a sage green. Like BM nantucket gray. Would probably reduce its strenghth a little. I like the check material (black with beige) for a window treatment. Do you think the green would go???? Also, would you do the same treatments on both sliders in family room and kitchen. If so, panels? Also, do you think because of lighting I need to stick with a lighter color like BM Manchester Tan--- which I was thinking of doing in the living room (image of white couch). Any thoughts? PS the other thought for the living room was BM Shaker Beige.

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Realized pictures were not posted. Hope you can see them now. Click on photobucket link.

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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I have a family room and I went for soft fern BM which is closed to the color you picked. However I do not like greenish color in kitchens. I think that it gets a kind of dull color that reminds me the avocado baths in the 60-70'. I would go more on the bluesh pail color...almost ice color which looks good with the wood you have around. My 2c.

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milele, are you suggesting painting two different paint colors for these two rooms? They are open to each other??? Would it look right with a green in the family room and palish blue in the kitchen??? Do you have a BM color in mind for the kitchen????

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I have natural cherry kitchen cabs that have darkened and reddened over the years. They are similar in color to your oak cabs. I think you are on the right track considering a green with a little blue in it. I painted my kitchen SW Clary Sage and I think it really compliments the cabs. My kitchen gets a lot of natural light. If you like the hue of Clary Sage, but your kitchen doesn't get a lot of natural light, you might try Softened Green or Liveable Green.

The sage family will tone down the orange in your cabs. I think that color family would look nice in your family room as well.

Other popular SW sage colors are Grassland and Svelte Sage, but I tried Grassland in my kitchen and it was too yellowish, esp. with the natural light. I needed a cooler sage like Clary Sage.

My favorite kitchen colors are yellow, gold, green and red - the red with white cabinets only. Those are the colors of food.

SW has sample jars of paint for $5 each-well worth the money. Another idea is to take a picture of your rooms to your SW store and ask the color consultant for some recommendations you might want to test.

For even more blue, try SW Austere Gray. I painted my husband's office that color and it's really very nice. It looks grayish on the card, but it looks like a nice, coolish green on the walls. I was pleasantly surprised and I think it might work in a kitchen-definitely would work in a family room. We've gotten a lot of compliments on that color.

Good luck.

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Randita,believe it I have been holding onto those two color cards for years. I just pulled them out. I am glad SW sells samples like BM. Clary Sage and Svelte Sage are definately different. Svelte Sage seems like it has some gray in it. Clary Sage seems like a real true green. Will be interesting to see how the lighting in my kitchen affects them. Wondering if the SW Austere Gray is more like BM Nantucket Gray?? Usually is a good sign when you get complients on your color. Will check Auster Gray out also. thank you.

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lke, I read on the Home Decorating site that Austere Gray has the same tints and proportions as SW Grassland, but without the yellow.

Clary Sage looks pretty much green in bright and duller light. Svelte Sage and Austere Gray take on more of a gray cast in dim light, but in brighter light definitely look green. Svelte/Grassland just have more yellow in them.

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