Does Gardenweb have a favorite white paint kitchen cab color?

threeapplesFebruary 26, 2012

We want our cabinets to look historic, but still very nice. We plan to have our inset beaded cabinets glazed lightly. The cabinets go all the way to the ceiling and will meet a dentil molding. What color is best for this? The backsplash will likely be a 2 x 4 carrera marble subway tile and we haven't chosen the counters yet. Any suggestions for a white that isn't too stark, but isn't cream or ivory either? thanks!

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We used BM glacier white and we have a carrera marble subway tile backsplash too. The color looks great w/ the marble.

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We went with BM Gardenia, a very warm white.
Which white you choose depends on a number of factors, lighting, floor color, adjoing room color, etc.
Pick up a few sample size whites and look at them under differing conditions, day, night, overcast skies, etc.
Many of us have been down this road.
Personally, I must have sampled 10 different whites before making my decision.

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BM Dove White

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Stumbled upon this while looking for another thread, but it seems to me that the whites mentioned most often (and there are LOTS of "perfect white" threads!) are Benjamin Moore Dove White, Simply White and White Cloud. My cabinets are in Ace Cabinet and Trim paint in a color match to White Cloud.

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I have BM Cloud White. It was a tough choice between that and Simply White. I loved them both.

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It's funny because so many here say that a lot depends on lighting, flooring that's in place and wall color, etc. But I'm finding that with building from the ground up, I'm working backwards. None of those things will be in place to see if my elements will work. I'm working off of samples with NO lighting in place and NO flooring in place and am just crossing my fingers that my paint and cabinet/counter choices flow when it comes together. It's kind of crazy to do it this way! It's good to know some "no fail" colors to start with. That's how I'm progressing with paint to start with.

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*BM White Cloud and Cloud White are different colors! I have Cloud White, and Cloud White is the color I hear more often, not White Cloud! Ironically, I was thinking about those two similar names with the intention of NOT typing the wrong one...

Confession: I mixed a couple shades of white I was unhappy with together, and the resulting color match is the same formula as the color match to Cloud White (total coincidence). In that sense, I didn't even pick my white, and I had actually already rejected Cloud White as being too "creamy" for my space. Now that it's done...I like it and it's warm, not stark.

All that rambling to say that you'll probably be just fine even if your conditions aren't perfect, with lighting and flooring, etc. in place. :)

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We have BM Chantilly Lace, which I heard about on this forum.

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