Need better than Kong squeaking balls?

arkansas_girlJanuary 25, 2013

My little dog loves to play with the Kong "tennis ball" that has a little squeaker but those things are total JUNK! They cost over $2 each and have lasted anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. She isn't a strong chewer, the squeaker just falls apart and the metal thing inside the squeaker falls out and you can hear it rattling around inside the ball.

Could anyone recommend a squeaking ball that the squeakers last for a while? It doesn't even have to be a ball, but about the same size as a tennis ball. Even something without the fuzz would be better but soft enough to be easy to squeak.

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The only Kong products I tried were three different ones where you put food inside. Hot dogs were too small diameter, so I got Polish-type sausage cut into pieces. If a dog was not too interested in cold meat, I microwaved it 20 seconds before inserting food into Kong.

Started with the Kong shaped like a bone, then had a smaller one with two different size holes, and finally a new-style one with flaps on each end. Which to buy depends on the dogs size, and how long he will play with it before getting bored. Some dogs can empty one in a matter of minutes.

No experience with squeaky one.

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