If this was YOUR kitchen (pt.2)!

paintedpeggiesFebruary 17, 2013

If this was yours, what would you do?

Added new dimension pic!

I hate the layout of this kitchen. Fridge door doesn't open all the way because it is too close to the wall
The flow is awful...The big blank wall across from the island I would love to build out and put a pantry in because storage is really needed in here! Our pendants are new and I love them and I also have a new range because the other one was not conducive to cooking, lol...

I posted pics of it a few weeks ago and was told to post a bird's eye layout.

. The kitchen is about 14 x 16. Not sure if we want a complete over haul or just spruce up, but I think moving appliances counts as complete over haul! Right now everything is builder grade bottom of the line. Our kitchen was a two story space that we closed in last year, so the pics will reflect some of what it used to look like.

I will add the pics in, too.

doorway to foyer and front door:

Here is a pantry I saw on Pinterest that I want to copy for that blank wall...thoughts?

thank you for any and all ideas and comments.

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I can't make sense of your drawings with the pics. The photo toward the foyer door looks like there is a wall to the right that isn't shown on the floor plan. Was that part of the changes you referred to, or am I just not oriented correctly?

I also really need dimensions. How wide are the openings to the playroom and dining room? How long is the range wall of the kitchen and how long is the blank wall on the right? How much space is between the island and the foyer wall?

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The wall to the right of the foyer opening is the wall labeled blank wall (where I want to put the pantry). It is 9 '4". The island is 40" from the sink and also 40" from the range. All the doorways are 4ft wide and do not have doors; they are just openings. The range wall is 7.5 ft.

The drawing is oriented as if you are looking at the sink, like in the photo with the pendants.

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In the photo looking over the island (with the vase of flowers), the opening to the foyer is on the left, then the blank wall, then there is a corner, and more wall. The "more wall" is where I was referring to--on the floorplan it looks like the opening to the playroom should be there.

The 7.5 ft of range wall plus the 40 inch opening to the playroom doesn't add up to 14 ft or 17 ft, which are the dimensions you gave for the ktchen. The 9 ft 4 inch blank wall plus a 40 inch doorway suggest that the kitchen is 14 ft in that direction. If it is 17 ft in the other direction, where are the other 6+ ft (17 ft - 7.5 - 40 inches) of wall that you don't account for in your drawing?

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All measurements should be labelled on your drawing so people who want to help don't have to pick through your posts to find the information. It's also helpful to draw to scale on graph paper for people who are visual. Most people have only so much time and energy to devote to lay-outs, so they'll chose ones where all the information is readily available.

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I think the first thing I'd do is put a wall between the entry and the kitchen. I'd hate all of my mess to be on display as soon as you walk in the door.

Once you have an actual measured diagram, perhaps more suggestions can be made though.

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live wire: do you mean close off the doorway that's there? There is a wall there, but also a large open doorway. I dunno, I think it would make the foyer too dark and closed off.

I will try to get a better diagram up. I didn't realize I needed measurements and stuff to pick people's brains! (says the girl who hates math ;)

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I added a diagram with measurements. I didn't put counters / cabinets. Hopefully this gives a better idea.

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I'm not very good with design but I think you still need more measurements for anyone to give a real opinion.

If you add a pantry to the wall with the opening to the foyer, how deep can it be? I can't tell how much room you have to the playroom opening. It looks like it could be 12" or 18" or maybe even 24". My old kitchen had a similar setup and that wall had cabinets, uppers about 9" deep & lowers about 16" deep.

How far is it from the doorway to the foyer to the DR/LR wall? I think I would consider closing up one of the doorways.

How is the island used?

A kitchen this size and 3 40" doorways kind of limits what you can do. I had one this size with 3 doorways (NOT 40"- more like 28-30") until I remodeled. :~) Edited to add - I could be totally wrong because the kitchen linked below has a 12x16 kitchen with openings and it looks very spacious even if you add an imaginary wall!

Of course, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. More counterspace? More storage? I don't know. If the only thing wrong with your kitchen is the refrigerator door won't open, the cheapest thing would be to get a smaller refrigerator.

Here is a link that might be useful: ratrem's kitchen

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Reasons I want to change it:

fridge placement
Lack of storage/ pantry
Cheap counters/cabinets

It is the middle room out of three rooms downstairs. Very open layout. I need the doorway to the dining room open. I like having the playroom off the kitchen so I can watch the kids while I cook.

Thanks for the link. It is beautiful!

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