Aura / brushing putty question

raspycatOctober 21, 2009

I am using Fine Paints of Europe brushing putty on my kitchen cabinets (which are currently stained and finished). The doors look great so far with the putty. Can I use Aura directly over the brushing putty, or should I use another primer first? Anyone with experience in using this?



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From their website...

"*Brushing Putty must be over-coated with FPE Oil Primer/ Undercoat prior to painting on both Interior and Exterior applications."

Aura is a very good paint, and MAY not need a separate primer.
Long-run durability is increased some if you do prime though...


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Of course they say that. It's $100 per gallon....or a eurogallon. If you need to thin it, then you need their paint thinner, which is $25 per gallon. I guess you have to believe it though. Their marketing materials are so well written, how can you not buy into all of it? I do think it is funny though that they actually list Brushing Putty as an oil based primer and then say that you need to prime it. So, I need to prime my oil based primer with an oil based primer? Okay!

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That's why I asked - the description is confusing, and I'm familiar enough with marketing (even though I'm an engineer) to know that a company would never recommend using another company's product (especially when their own product is so profitable). If a primer really should be used over the putty, would BIN be OK to use? I've had good success using BIN in the past. (My original intent was to just use BIN under the Aura, but I tried it on a sample door and the extreme grain makes the finish look almost wavy - which is why I'm trying the putty).
Anyone else with experience using brushing putty?

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I don't have enough experience using the brushing putty to comment actually....I just like to complain. I can assume that the reason they say to prime with their oil based primer is because it is theirs and they want to make money....but who knows; there actually could be a legitimate reason. Rule of thumb with painting though is to stick with the same system if possible....FPE topcoats are probably formulated to work best with FPE primers, but this is likely because FPE is all about making the best paint on the planet, best primers, purest thinners, etc. But, the problem with that approach is that we don't always need the absolute best of the best paint....Aura and other high end lines of paint are pretty darn good and you can buy them for about half the price. From what I understand, FPE has some pretty good customer service too...I've heard you can just call em up and shoot the breeze about their products if you wish.

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I had to dig into their "Specifiers Manual" deeper...

Once your surface is sanded/smoothed to your taste, "We recommend" using the FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat over the Brushing-Putty.

For EXTERIORS...they describe it as a "must".
Example...a door or trim-boards exposed to the elements.

Soooooo...if it were ME, I'd just go with applying your Aura.
I'd suggest adding a little of XIM'S Latex X-tender to Aura for better leveling & slightly more open-time.


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