Purdy paint brushes vs Corona - which is best?

deb_nickOctober 13, 2006

I just bought a new 2-1/2" angled brush by Purdy but a couple people at the decorating forum mentioned Corona. Never heard of that brand. Wondering if I should return the Purdy and try to find a Corona brush instead. Those of you who've tried both, is there a big difference? Which do you prefer and why? Thanks!

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There's a huge difference! There's a huge difference in price too!

The Purdy brush will serve you well if you're using it in a non-professional capacity.


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corona brushes can't be beat. The best.

heres the link for you:

Here is a link that might be useful: corona brushes

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Most of the long-run painters that frequent our store grab a Purdy and don't look at anything else! Woosters' are another good line.
Just make sure you're using a Latex-appropriate version if that's what you're applying.

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Purdy is my all-time favorite, and the only type of brush that I'll use.


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Offer a Corona and see what happens.:)

No doubt, Purdy and Wooster are quality brushes. Use either without reservation. But, if you want the Ultimate...Corona.


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Well, im 18 years old and ive worked at my fathers paint store all my life. Ive used both brushes and heres my take. Purdy brushes have two different roots. Did you get it at a hardware/paint store or did you buy it at home depot? Brushes from depot are crap. Crappy taper, epoxy isnt as good, and the filaments are cut more shoddy. But in my opinion a corona brush is a better brush all round. More stock better taper and they have an extra plug in them to hold more paint. I actually sell corona about a dollar cheaper then purdy and do it happily. Wooster does make a good brush but so does elder & jenks but in my professional opinion Nothing can beat a corona brush.

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I recently used both a Purdy and a Corona. The difference was like a ford pickup and a Mercedes. Corona is a much better brush for me. It held up well, kept its shape and the Purdy had trouble maintaiing its shape for cutting in.
It spread out more and was more difficult to control.

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I have to agree, as a total non pro who's painting an entire house. I've used the Wooster and the Corona. Both are great, but the Corona is just hands down so much better for many reasons.


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Hey Michael...,
I should've asked you earlier...how much have you paid for some of your favorite Corona's (the BRUSHES I mean ;))??
I'm gonna bring some into our store as an experiment!
Lemme know when you can.

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He doesn't tell cause he buys them wholesale by the case. He has said this before on other posts.

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We've been getting alot of defective Purdy brushes back in our store over the past few seasons. From what I understand Purdy Co. was sold (I know to who but I don't want to bash a name) and I swear they've changed thier manufacturing process, and I haven't seen my Purdy rep in years.

On the other hand, I have always stood by Corona and their customer service support has always been stellar.

You can't beat their Cortez model, that's my favorite.

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I've been painting for 15 years I really like the purdy "moose" brush I also like the corona slant "stubbys" such as the "cool and "red" brushes simply due to the comfort compaired to the longer skinny handles of other slant brushes out there. But haven't tried a "regular" corona I've had a person say to try 1 says he likes the stiffness of the corona better the the flexiblity of purdy. I guess it just comes down to personal perfence, how one likes the way the brush sits in their hand, and their skill in manipulating their brush. Perhaps I ll explore the other corona brushes unfortunately there r only a couple of shops in nothern Delaware that carry em

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I have been in the painting business for over 20 and have used every brush under the sun and in my opinion Corona is the best. They make by far the best ox hair brush around. Other brands worthy of mention wooster which makes everal styles and Elder and Jenk. I would avoid brushes by Prudy and Sw Ben Moore new brushes seem ok for many apps.

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I've done painting contracting for many years.The deal is that long ago Purdy was the best brush.The company has changed hands & they make various qualities.Today, Corona is the best Brush.Definitely.

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