Is it OK to re-paint one brand of oil paint over another?

smleeOctober 20, 2010

I had the trims of my windows painted with white oil paint from EdwardDunn, but didnt realize that they would yellow over time. Now I want to add on another third coat of higher pigmented paint like FPE white.

Would this cause any potential problems to add on a an additional coat of FPE?

Do you think that adding a coat of FPE or high pigmented-paint will reduce the ambering effects?

Thanks in advance

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FPE's Eurolux-series...Matte, Satin, & Gloss are 100% Acrylic, and therefore won't yellow.

The ECO-series is a water-thinnable Urethane/Alkyd Hybrid that levels nice. This one may yellow SLIGHTLY over a long time, but it looks so damn nice! can't go wrong with either one!!

>>> Make sure you've scuff-sanded thoroughly, cleaned, etc., b4 the paint ever goes on.


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Thank you! Unfortunately, California doesn allow eco series to be shipped here. So I had to get the regular FPE. I hope that it yellows only slightly

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