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bus_driverOctober 13, 2012

House with aluminum siding. Kind of gold color. A premium grade siding installed about 1977. The siding has never been repainted and does not need it. The wood trim and some recently added aluminum trim with (manufacturer applied to coil stock) PVC coating need to be painted.

The original finish is in great shape but would have to be scrubbed quite vigorously to get it back to near original color. It is weathered to a lighter shade. I do have a sample of the original siding that has never had much light exposure. Noticeably darker gold than the faded siding. Taking a sample of the weathered siding to the paint store is out of the question and repainting the entire house is not technically necessary nor economically wise.

My inclination is to take the unfaded sample to the paint store and have it matched. That paint will probably eventually fade to lighter than the original baked finish.

Do you have an alternate suggestion?

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Yes. Take the unfaded sample to the paint store as a point of reference and get some paint chips that are a few shades lighter. You can better match the current color that way.

Have you given any thought to a contrasting trim color?

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