Puppy Nightmares - Can't sleep through night

ashpotat0January 23, 2010

I just got a puppy that I was told was about 8 weeks old. SheâÂÂs part boxer and part pit bull. When she sleeps, she looks like sheâÂÂs having nightmares and then wakes up. She whines and cries in her sleep and breaths fast and even starts snoring and shaking in jolts (but it doesn't look like sheâÂÂs having seizures). She does this for a bit and then wakes up.

I feel like she needs her rest as a puppy and she's not able to sleep through the night to get a good night sleep. I put her in my bed with me so she can feel secure just in case she had bad experiences before I got her. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or is this normal? Please help!

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Completely normal. Our neighbors black shephard pup, growls, howls and cries in his sleep. Your dog is just dreaming. Which means it is getting good deep sleep.

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My cat has always done this since I've had her (at 2 years old).

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My dogs do it too, she's just dreaming. I wouldn't worry about the puppy not getting enough sleep, puppies & dogs get lots of sleep opportunity.

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My dog does it too, he even kind of "runs" in his street...all this legs start twitching like he's chasing squirrels and kitties in dreamland. :)

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Our current dog has always done this. Sometimes he even howls in his sleep, which is quite amusing, once you get used to it.

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I have a dog who has seizures. He usually has them early a.m. (5 am? usually) and I have 2 others. One of them in particular - Ginger - has vivid dreams. Or at least I think she does. She just seems to chase rabbits in her sleep -- or other dogs -- or squirrels -- or cats... you name it.

Ginger just seems to have vivid dream states, much like humans do. Her background indicates she had little human contact in her early youth, and spent more time in the wild than my other two dogs. So her dreams are just how she's wired. But they are by no means a seizure. You just have a dog with a big imagination or a really good memory :) I'd love to know what she is dreaming about, but that rapid running foot movement and nose snarl in her sleep tells me she is having lots of fun.

I've woken her up during them (you WOULD NOT be able to do that if it were a seizure), and she's lifted her head and given me a look as if to say, "WHY did you wake me up???? I was having FUN!" And then promptly lay back down and go back to sleep.

I think she is her own dog.

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one of my dogs used to do this a lot as a pup but not very much now and she would do the same things like she was running with some muffled barking and growling noises. dogs dream just like we do but when they start making noises or seem to be running in their sleep I think it's just a really vivid dream they're having and as cindy said, they're probably having fun chasing something LOL. I wouldnt worry about your pup not getting enough sleep as long as she can cat nap during the day when needed.

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