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LizzylizOctober 21, 2012

My house was painted medium pink, light pink in sun light (I didn't choose the color). Everything is pink , trim, base boards. I was thinking of some color of cocoa or in the tans. What should I be aware of when painting all the trim and baseboards? I am terrible at seeing the finished product.

The attracted photo was taken with afternoon light on it and it's the closes I could get. Thanks for any suggestions.

Oh, it's a very small house but decent morning and late afternoon light.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

What do you want to know?

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Help on choosing a trim color (tans or contrasting color). I've had a hard time finding anything but white.

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Tough call! Can you go to a paint store - NOT Home Depot or Lowes, but maybe Sherwyn Williams, Benjamin Moore or Dunn Edwards, and get a professional opinion? If you live far away from them, maybe email their web sites with your photo.

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"Help on choosing a trim color (tans or contrasting color). I've had a hard time finding anything but white."

Get to a paint store and look at colors. Grab sample cards or buy a color deck. Look at the colors at home under the light in which they will be experienced.
There are literally 200 shades of white from the standard bone, ivory, and cream to lighter grays and tans.
The possibilities are endless.

Are you looking for a cool color or a warm color?
What will be your accent colors?
Do you have an inspiration piece to draw from?
What is the mood you want your home to convey?

It is hard for someone a million miles away to choose a color for you when you are the one in the home looking at all the things that influence your choice.
So go to a real paint store and get color samples.

Maybe gather your thoughts, define what it is exactly that you are wanting, then post whole room photos in the decorating forum. There are some real color mavens over there!
Link below-

Here is a link that might be useful: Decorating forum

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