ok... boo is a keeper

cindyandmochaJanuary 28, 2012

Well its been a couple of months and I have to say Boo is a keeper now. Ginger has gone from "tolerate/dislike" to "tolerate/teaching" to "actually I like this guy -- he might be useful to our pack". They wrestle out in the back yard every morning and afternoon. He of course annoys her to death (she's 11, he's 1.5 yrs). But they really do play.. and play hard.

So far they have killed 2 squirrels together - which we didn't anticipate. (Also it made Boo sick).

And I swear its like he is channeling a combination Mocha and Rusty both --- he's very submissive, he wants to lay on top of us like Rusty, and has the immature puppiness of Mocha. We adore it of course. He's a huge baby.

Ginger still gets her jealous moments with me -- but by and large, she's liking him more and more. I love to watch their body-slam fests in the back yard on these early frosty mornings.

I'm hoping we have this silly fellow with us for a very long time.

Btw... at Ginger's senior checkup a couple of weeks ago, the vet told us he would never believe she is an 11 yr old dog if he didn't have her paperwork. They all commented on her great shape, teeth, activity level, and overall appearance. He said he would have pegged her much younger -- so we're grateful for that.

Here's Boo below. I'm destined to have dogs with giant feet and nails... lol

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He's a cutie!

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I understand.....there is no way I would be able to resist him if he showed up in my life - I'd keep him too! What an adorable fellow.

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Ahhh he does that tilted head pose very well - how can you resist?

Great story about giving animals a chance and how things can work themselves out. Congrats!

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Darling doggie.

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What an adorable dog

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He's settled in nicely, and looks like a sweetie!

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What a beautiful dog.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Oh Cindy, he is adorable. And you are an inspiration to anybody thinking about getting a second dog. You've shown that giving them time to work things out does the trick.

And it's good that Boo is giving Ginger the proper respect. She needs to be #1. She's earned it.

He certainly is a keeper!! Good for you!!

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Boo is a keeper! What a great dog. So glad to hear that he and Ginger are becoming buddies. I was lucky, my 2 bonded almost immediately ... they play together so much, I can relate to the full body slams!

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