Best spiral sliced ham from Grocery store?

aceyNovember 19, 2007

I don't want to buy a ham from Honey Baked. Does anyone have opinions on plain old store bought spiral hams? I'm in Florida, we have Publix, Winn-Dixie, BJ's I can use. What about Swift's Premium for instance?

Any thoughts on the best (not too salty) spiral sliced hams out there???



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Acey, here in North Carolina, Smithfield is the preferred brand. I don't like the fact that almost all of the spiral hams are presliced. I have bought other Smithfield ham products and have been very happy with them. Gina

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I much prefer a NON spiral-cut ham, myself . . . and I've also never had a too-salty ham. Do you counter-balance the salt with a sweet? I use brown sugar or honey or pineapple juice, etc and it makes a perfect balance. I'm not partial to any particular brand; just stick to the major names.

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I'm in Iowa and also love the Smithfield hams....
Don't know about the spiral cut...but the Smithfield hams I get here are not precooked and need to be cooked to 165 to be done....but they are really good.
And I also prefer a non spiral cut ham....with an electric knife it's really easy slice your own.
Linda C

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I'm just keeping it easy on myself this time, so was looking for opinions on presliced. I like most hams anyway, just wondered if there was any outstanding ones that are presliced that I may not know about. I was trying to find reviews or ratings (LOL like Consumer's Reports would have), but I haven't found any.

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It will take you 15 minutes to slice a ham with an electric knife....and you will save easily $10 and get a ham that is more moist.
And Wal mart has a nice electric knife for $9.99.
The best presliced ham I have ever had is Honeybaked. Yep pricey but very good.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Honeybakes spiral sliced

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Smithfield is my go-to ham. I get the spiral cut. So much easier for me all alone in the kitchen to get it all to the table at the same time. Just be careful not to dry it out when you warm it. I've had the Honeybaked ham and yes, it is wonderful.

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Hi, I've never posted on this forum before but I was browsing and saw your post and thought I would reply. Cooks Illustrated rated grocery store hams. I tried the Cooks spiral hickory smoked honey ham last Christmas because of their review and it was better than other grocery spiral hams I have tried before. If you do a search you might be able to find their ham reviews.

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I would never buy another one of Costco's spiral-cut ham. I believe the brand was Prime Select which is normally a good brand.

I bought one at Kroger's one year that was every bit as good as Honey Baked. I think it was their own brand.

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I looked up Cook's ham. They had a merger with Smithfield in 2006. And all their products come from many different packing houses. So I contacted them to ask the question is Cooks on par with a Smithfield ham. I'll see what they say. Hopefully their quality control covers all their named products. Thanks for all the responses. I'll try to remember to post their response if they have anything of value to say back to me!

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For what it's worth. . .my daughters and I went to a Paula Deen "show" in DC last month, and she couldn't say ENOUGH good things about Smithfield. Michael and a chef from Stanford did all the cooking, while Paula schmoozed w/ the audience. When a young girl held something up, Paula said, "What's that, honey?"

"It's your first cookbook!" was the reply.

Paula said, "Why, let me see that! It was self-published, you know, and I ran out. I don't even have one of my own. Where'd you get it, honey?"

"I got it on e-bay."

"Well, how much didja pay for it, darlin'?"

"A thousand dollars."

Paula almost fell off the stage at that. When she caught her breath, she said, "I don't have that much money!"

Of course, we all laughed at that. Finally, she did something she said she wasn't supposed to do. She signed the girl's book.
I'm sure the girl felt her money was well spent.


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I'm sure she did have good things to say about Smithfield, she's a paid spokesperson for them. I agree, they are good hams.. but I won't buy them anymore. Smithfield has 2 is Union and offers good pay and benefits..the one in Tarhill, NC is not. The folks that work in the TH NC plant have been trying to unionize for a long time...


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I've bought the Smithfield spiral-cut many times and think they're really good. I'll admit to mixed feelings about them too, though. Their Smithfield plant is a major polluter of the Pagan River, which flows into the James River, which flows into the Chesapeake Bay. But their hams are definitely tasty and usually on sale this time of year for 1.79 a pound.

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At BJ's you can get a Carando. They come wrapped in red mylar. You will love it. A friend recommended them to me. It's the only ham we use now. Moist and tasty too!

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I have bought a few brands, and so far I have always been happy with Cook's brand hams. They haven't been too salty, they are nicely sliced, etc. And usually they go on sale here a few times a year. I have frozen them more than once, defrosted, and cooked like I normally would have and had good results.

The costo easy slice ham? Blech. Salty, the meat had an odd texture and a background taste like it was from an old boar that they chased around for hours before slaughtering. None of us liked it. I froze the leftovers hoping to find a way to use it and not waste it, and they did not freeze well either. The meat got stringy and gamey.

Smithfields are good, but for the price I don't think they are superior. And plus, I won't eat it unless I make it myself because too many people are used to fully cooked hams, and I don't like slimey undercooked smithfield hams.

If only I had known then about Costco's return policy! I would have brought that sucker back.

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Here's another vote for the Carando spiral sliced ham.

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Honey Baked Hams and Heavenly Hams are not worth the money. Their hams come from the same farms and are exactly same as the ones you buy in the grocery stores.
The only difference between them and the one from the grocery store is the PRICE. Heavenly Ham and Honey Baked Ham Co charge more than double the price of the grocery stores hams! Don't get me wrong. Their hams are delicious but so are the grocery store hams.
I bought a Spiral Sliced ham from Giant Eagle in Ohio. It came from a farm in West Virginia. It was absolutely excellent.
Since the hams are fully-cooked when you buy them, there is no worry that you are serving raw pork.
The grocery store bought hams are very easy to bake in the oven. Fifteen minutes before the hams are done just add the honey glaze that comes with the ham.
Don't be stupid and waste your money on Heavenly Ham or Honey Baked Ham!

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Ohiomichael, people in my town figured that one out and consequently both Heavenly Ham and Honey Baked Ham were put out of business here. You do have to be careful which grocery store ham you buy though because they are definitely not all created equal.

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I vote for Cooks. It is priced right and has a great flavor. Bought one on sale yesterday for $1.49 a pound.


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Regarding the post above that says,"I don't like the fact that almost all of the spiral hams are presliced."

You know I've noticed that as well. In fact there are a number of other things I've noticed like that. For instance:

Almost all of the good Fridays seem to occur on a Friday.
Almost all of the Kraft singles come individually wrapped.
Almost all of the hard bolied eggs I've been getting lately have a hard yolk.
Almost all of the oranges in our grocery store are orange.
Almost all of the ham in my area comes from pigs.
Almost all of the Germans I've met recently come from Germany.
Almost all of the libraries where I live have lots of books.
Come to think of it - almost all of the Easter's come on a Sunday.

I'm curious has anybody else ever noticed stuff like this?

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My next question was going to be about buying hams. So I decided to bump this thread. My brother-in-law used to get the hams for us from Sysco's but he took a job out of state now and I don't think he'll be able to order the ham for us.

Thought other people might be wondering what hams to get for Easter too. Looks like Smithfield, Honeybaked and Carando are the main contenders.

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Here in Georgia we always buy a Smithfield ham at Krogers. Usually a ready to eat or warm in the oven for a few hours. I usually will put on the ham pineapple, brown sugar and cloves and if I have them maraschino cherries. Always tasty.I've prepared half and whole hams. Then I will have the ham bone for bean soup. We will have this at any holiday.

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