Help us give our dog his AKC name....

MIssyVJanuary 26, 2013

Hello all, I have been dragging my feet to get Wilson registered on the AKC site because I cannot come up with a fun, creative name for him. He is 4 months old now and will be 5 months in a week or two, so it's time to get this done!

Help us give Wilson his AKC name so we can finally get him registered. He is from a family in Paint Lick, KY that's lives on The Old Railroad.

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What a beautiful, beautiful fellow! I've named a couple when we or my adult kids have had registered dogs. I always try to incorporate the name/names of the dam and sire in some way. My folks had a dane whose breeding pair was Vee Hit the Jackpot and Chips of Gold. Then named him Nick's Mr. Chips, since Nick was my fathers nickname. Pun not intended. My son had beagles off a breeder with the word Dutch in their registered names and lineage. I came up with (insert his surname) Dutch Treat. Then again you can just be silly. My last schnauzer looked like a little hairy German man in lederhosen, so I named him Herr Fritz Von Griswald. That pup was a gift from our kids. Myself, I tend to adopt mixed breeds from the shelter, so their names end up not being so esoteric. I'm pulling a blank right now, but I'm sure you'll get inspired.

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Cuteness alert! What a face!

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What is the Kennel prefex that he comes with?

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I am totally new to this, Wilson is our first dog, so first time registering one and coming up with a name....therefore I don't even know what you are asking when you ask me what his Kennel prefix is! Ack! Sorry.

His parents names are Stocker Perry Blue and Buckettown's Whistlin Dixie.

And Elly...thanks. We think he is a handsome guy :)

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I would not send my money to the AKC.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

How about Whistlin's Blue Eyes? He is a gorgeous dog, that is for sure.

Or Perry's Whistlin Blue Eyes?

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When I registered my schnauzer, they requested I believe three potential names and they were the ones who made the final choice. I suspect it has to do with the possibility there may be other dogs currently registered with the same show name. If you breed or show, that could be a problem.

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What a cutie!

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How 'bout "Dixie's Blue Velvet"? His "call" name can be anything you want, it does not have to be a part of the registered name. He is a beautiful boy!

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Never had to do an AKC name but here are a few I thought of. Sometimes his call name is included and a couple reference his home town.

"Wilson Dixie Blue"
"Perry's Whistlin' Dixie on the Railroad"
"Dixie Blue Paint Lick"
"Wilson Perry Mason"
"Stocker Blue Bucket"
"Railroad Buckettown Blue"

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'You Ain't Gonna Believe What I Do Next'

That is what I thought when I saw that picture.

Never had a registered dog, but owned and named several registered Quarter horses. The best names included doth dam and sire names and something expressive for the individual dog..

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