where wall meets ceiling

melissathurstensonOctober 18, 2008

This stinks! We painted our walls and ceilings different colors and now are having nightmares trying to get a straight edge where they meet. We have tried edgers, tape, cutting in with a brush. Nothing seems to work. Don't know what to do....please help. Maybe we will just have to hire someone to paint a straight line cause we can't seem to.

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If edgers and cutting in by hand are not working, then that could mean the drywall line itself is not straight which is pretty common. Using tape is probably your best bet, but the tape has to be laid down straight.

Paint walls, lapping the wall paint up onto the ceiling 1/4" or so.
Let dry.
Tape off walls at the ceiling line using 3M painters tape orange core. Press the back edge of the tape down where it meets the ceiling with a flexible putty knife.
Using the wall paint, paint up against the tape on the ceiling. Any paint that bleeds under the tape will not show because it is the same color as the walls. Now your tape edge is sealed.
Let dry.
Paint against the edge of the tape with the ceiling paint, likely two coats.
Wait about 20 minutes and pull tape.

This method only will work if you lay your tape down perfectly.

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Do you have "popcorn" ceilings?
I have been painting for years and years and in my humble opinion the best way to cut in around the ceiling is to buy the best quality brush you can find with smooth tapered thinner bristles. If you are using a cheap crappy brush then there is no way to cut in straight!! You don't want a brush that holds too much paint! Purdy is good....have the salesman help you pick one out. Don't go real wide,...it's easier with a more narrow brush for beginners. I use about a three incher I think. It amazes me that people think they can paint with crappy brushes. The right brush makes all the difference in the world!!!
Try to keep the paint on the end of the brush when you dip it,...about the first inch up or so. First, drop a small amount of paint off on the wall about two inches or so down from the ceiling where you are going to start, and then I think you can figure out what to do after that. Don't try to spread it out real thin . Think: "paint pusher"! Don't just start off with a big glob right next to the ceiling. Your paint will pool and go onto the cieling. I let my fingers rest on the top of the brush bristles so that I have more steady control of the brush. It will take a little practice to determine how much paint you can load onto your brush and drop off. Dropping it off really helps in the learning process. Always drop off.
If you go the tape route you'd better make sure it's the tape for "delicate" surfaces or it might pull the paint off making another mess for you and then you will want to jump off a cliff. hehehe Taping the is a big ol' LONG hassle and sometimes it just doesn't work very well...
You can go to youtube, there are quite a few helpful videos that will show you how to cut in. Of course they make it look like cake and they do it in their sleep.
Have a beer or two while you paint so that you can relax a little bit, and it won't look as bad...:)

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