Really beginner question on paint.

greymomOctober 19, 2010

I'm repainting a tiny powder room. It's current finish is matt, so I filled the nicks, sanded lightly and started to apply killz 2 latex primer as that's what they told me to get at the store. Problem is, it doesn't seem to be sticking very well. It's hard to see what I'm doing as I took the light fixture out until I paint at least that wall. Is the primer wrong, or did I not prep enough?

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I have to add, after examining it more closely (all I've done is the edges so far - not started rolling yet) It may be my technique... It seems to be worst where I've put it on maybe too heavily - especially around the door, and where I've gone over it within a few minutes.

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I'm sure one of the experts here will offer some guidance but one thing I've learned from reading this forum is that Kilz is not really a product you want to use. I think you probably could have skipped the primer (unless you're painting over a dark color).

Someone will chime in soon, I'm sure.

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Yea, Kilz2 is a crappy primer, but that probably isn't your issue. When cutting in. lay the paint on and spread it out until there are no heavy areas left and then move on. Using a good brush is also important. Also, don't paint in the dark...bring a light in there.

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thanks for the insights. I was going to try a second coat, but maybe I'll not bother now - just move on to the paint. I did a little research and found that it's not a popular product at all. Maybe next time, I'll do my research BEFORE I buy something:)

I probably used a not very high quality brush too. I'm painting a grayish color over the basic beige that the sellers had done when they moved (it was a pretty bad job too, BTW). Oh, and I do have a shop light in there, it's just not terribly bright - a bit like me it seems, lol.

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