Can I sand slighly cured drippy Aura

chefwongOctober 16, 2010

1st time using Aura. I generally give my brushes and sleeves a slight wetness.....prior to loading them up. Cutting in with the very slightly dampened brush was fine. The Aura MF was disaster. I had to get it over I stopped, and used a fresh non wetted roller.

The long and short of it, I have one wall that has tons of runny sags on them.

I was planning to topcoat and finish in 1 day, but I'm planing to let the paint cure, take some 120 grit and sand down the sags before doing a 2nd topcoat.

Any reasons why I could/should not be sanding fresh paint.....

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You should be able to sand it. It just may be a bit more of struggle with sandpaper clogging than if the paint was cured.

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I was tired, beat,spent...
Lugging that damm 12" Miter Saw wore me out ;-)
I've got my Festool Vac/ Random Oribital and plan to just do a once over....

I'm using Muralo Ultra. as my benchmark reference..
We'll see how this highly talked/hyped paint compares.

FWIW, I've used regal in the past...and switched

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Just some thoughts....
The paint is quite rubberish....

120 Grit on Random Orbit....some heat generated.....on the disc.
When you look at the disk, you can *peel off the * accumulated sanding which pooled up in various areas of the disk and it's like gummy rubber - kinda like the play rubber you get in the ~red egg~ containers....

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Yep, that's what happens when sanding uncured paint.

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2nd times the charm......

Just need to figure out how to get my cut brush cleaner...inside middle has some remnants even after warm water/soap and brush out with stainless comb.

Still not sure how I would compare it to my benchmark - Muralo Ultra.

Stipple, etc with Pro Dooz Roller was just as good compared to the ~recommended~ MF Aura Roller.

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