Help me make this sentimental art more contemporary!!

onelady1dog2girlsFebruary 1, 2013

Hello, all. I have this piece of art from our honeymoon many years ago in Bora Bora). It is not the style that I love, but for sentimental reasons I would like to keep this piece of art and integrate it into our media room somehow. The room is transitional in styling. Basically, I think I could somehow make the matte extra wide and reframe, and that might help to make the art a bit more contemporary...but could use some more detailed thoughts on the frame etc. On the adjacent walls, I am going to put up these very funky wooden wine racks in orange and zebra wood. The idea to bring an updated pop next to this honeymoon art. What would you do for framing etc (maybe zebrawood)? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wine Racks of different colors

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I think a charcoal colored mat, like the shadow under the items at the bottom, with a matte bronze colored frame, and nonglare glass might be interesting.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'd do a wider, plain black frame with an ivory mat.

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Black frame, wide black mat.

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I have wanted to go to Bora Bora since reading Michener's Hawaii (now one of my very favorite books of all time).

The painting is lovely, but could you mat it so you see the picture but not the bamboo and leaf painted frame? I think that might help modern it up along with a wide black frame.

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Black frame for sure.
You could go either way with the matte - but if you do black - to a double with the white showing about an inch

Here is an example of both:

Contemporary Home Office design by Denver Interior Designer O Interior Design

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You could have a mat cut larger and longer with an additional opening to place another keepsake from the trip. Would enlarge the overall painting. Be sure to look at a lot of mat possibilities. A good framer will know what color fits well. Usually one that is a blended color 1/3 of the painting. I think the white and creme aren't working well overall. And a wider frame that is cleaner in style. Love the idea of your picture heading in another direction.

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Good golly, molly these area all great ideas...juliekcmo - can you give me an idea of a bronze frame that you had seen? Are you talking metallic?

AnnieDeighnaugh, yayagal, and Janice742 - conceptually black frames are hard to imagine in this room bc all the furniture is dark walnut. What do you think of walnut frames with a very wide gray matte? I could flank this artwork with walnut wine racks (or a zebrawood wine rack). The paint is a very warm gray in this room. Love the idea of covering up the bamboo edging...I had not thought of that and think it would really help with theoverall plan, hobokenkitchen. Need to ruminate more!! More ruminations welcome!! Thanks everyone!

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It already looks modern to me except for the frame. Maybe put it in a large mat, long one picture high. Thin black metal frame.

Modern Frames design by New York Furniture And Accessories West Elm

Modern Frames design by New York Furniture And Accessories West Elm

Modern Frames design by New York Furniture And Accessories West Elm

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You could take pictures of your media room and some contents to a frame shop for advice. I don't think you have to use a black frame, especially if you have lots of walnut tones and don't think black will work. We have black frames, but also contemporary frames that are silvery gold, dark gold, bronzy gold, some greyed, textured wood ones; we had a contemporary silver frame at one point.

I agree the frame is too narrow, and the mat's color doesn't work with the piece at all. I also agree with snookums2: the piece looks modern to me.

I'm not sure why you'd want a grey mat, frankly. There doesn't seem to be any grey in the art, and I think you should choose a mat and frame to go with the art, not with the room. Also, I don't agree that matting to cover the bamboo and leaves is necessary to update the piece - those are part of it. Let a new mat and frame do that work for you.

Also, and I guess this is a pet peeve of mine, "contemporary" and black or grey or even plain and without ornamentation do not necessarily equate. Your art has lots of bright, warm colors in it, and I think those are the ones you need to work with. But let a good framer have a say in the matter; I could be wrong.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have no problem with black frames in a room with all dark wood. I did the black frames in my family room even though the rest of the room is in's more important that the frame go with the art than the room...

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Love the idea of covering th painted border with a mat. Would do a very big white mat with a dark gold plain wood frame.

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I would keep the mat white and double mat it with a color from the photo underneath. Perhaps charcoal?

If you want to use a darker walnut, why not try rubbing some dark stain on the existing frame?(after taking the art out of course) Then you can get the new mat done. I think the lines of the current frame are simple enough to work with.

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Check Michaels or your local frame shop for bamboo look frames. I have two totally different bamboo look frames for art.

This BIG print, double mat:

Top left needlepoint of tiger cub:

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