Milkman powdered milk is coming back!

jennNovember 21, 2011

A while back I posted here asking for a good substitute for Milkman instant lowfat dry milk. We used to buy it at the local grocery store for a delicious substitute and an excellent milk base for a hot chocolate mix. Sadly, Milkman went out of business.........

........ but, they're back!!! Yesterday I turned to Google once again to see if there's any news about it. Well, lo and behold the very first link took me to the Milkman Facebook page where they report it will be back on the shelves soon! Currently, it can be purchased on-line at but the FB page reports it will be on store shelves in the near future.

Yeeeehaww! I used Milkman Instant Lowfat Dry Milk to make the best homemade hot chocolate mix, and now we can enjoy it again.

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A packet of Milkman yields one quart of milk and costs $1 more than a gallon of milk from the store ($2.99) around here - YIKES!!!

As a person who only uses dry milk products and keeps 3-years worth in storage (one of the Seven Survival Foods), buying a packet that makes a quart is not very cost effective. One could only hope they have large quantities at a better price.

Could I introduce you to Grandma's Country Cream Non-fat Dry Milk Powder.... A powdered milk product that you would have a difficult time discerning from store bought milk when reconstituted with water. I just made 4 large batches of cocoa mix using it.

You can buy a sample size of Grandma's Country Cream for 89-cents to give it a try. Or purchase it in larger amounts: #10 can (3.1#) for $15.99 (makes 5-gallons - cheaper per can if you order 6-cans), or the way I purchase it - 25# bucket - $92.95.

I also store Morning Moo's Whey-Based Milk Substitute (non-instant) dry milk product.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grandma's Country Foods

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Grandma's Country Foods sells the Country Cream for $18.99 and makes (up to) 5 gallons. Add shipping and that is more than $5 a gallon. Milkman sounds like a less expensive alternative.

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I buy Nestle Nido dry milk powder, and I use it pretty much only when I make bread, but my bread recipes do call for milk powder. I did mix a small amount with water to see how it tasted, and it tasted pretty much like fresh milk from a bottle to me, but then I never drink milk, as it severely upsets my stomach. The small amount that goes into bread doesn't seem to bother me. I have also used it in ice cream, although I generally make ice cream with cream instead of milk, as cream does not bother me the way milk does.

I mention this brand because you might more easily find it on your store shelves. One can of this lasts me about six months. I keep powdered buttermilk in the fridge and use that when I make pancakes, waffles, etc.


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I just bought some Nido and the price was about the same as a gallon of milk in my area, maybe even a little less. Haven't tried it yet, though I've been told it is very good. It is full fat milk, not low-fat as Milkman is. Other than Nido, the only powdered milk I can find on the shelves here is non-fat.

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This "old" thread was brought back up recently with another post that has since been removed. I see the prices I quoted in the post above in 2011 have gone up quite a bit, and I bet the brand in the OP has increased also.

I purchase Grandma's Country Cream by the 25# bucket (current price - $110 + shipping and is equal to 8 of the #10 cans), which is enough for 1-year (160-quarts or $2.75 gallon w/o shipping). If a 25# bucket is too much, you can always vacuum-seal it, or use oxygen absorbers and canning jars or mylar bags to keep it longer and extend the shelf-life. I did that for years when I would purchase Morning Moo's in 50# bags. I was paying 98-cents per gallon for Morning Moo's when store prices were double that.

I generally use Grandma's Country Cream for fermenting kefir (1-2 quarts a week) because the 100% real milk product works better than whey-based milk substitutes for fermenting (yogurt or kefir). It's the brand I will make for guests who drink milk.

I also purchase Morning Moo's whey-based milk substitute - 37# bucket (it's cheaper from Sam's Club $109.98 than from Augason Farms - 978 servings around 10-cents per 8-oz. serving - or around $2.05 per gallon - free shipping). This is what hubby drinks.

Powdered milk and powdered whey-based milk substitute products are all we've used since 1981. The whey-based products work best for the lactose-intolerant family members, and that's how I got started using it. I've always purchased enough for a year at a time, or I'll stock up on #10 cans when I find them buy one get one 1/2-price, and never buy milk from the store.

Another powdered WHOLE milk product is PEAK (made in Holland). I purchased it from (free shipping) when someone mentioned it here in another thread about powdered milk products. I purchased it just to try it out but wasn't impressed. VERY expensive, not as tasty as Grandma's Country Cream (which is made with Wisconsin milk) or Morning Moo's whey-based milk substitute (made in the U.S.A.), didn't improve my kefir. PEAK is very similar in flavor to NIDO (made in the U.S.A. - around $5.66 gallon for reconstituted milk), which is available in local stores.

For those who don't like non-fat milk, you can always add cream or half-and-half for additional fat, or increase the ratio of dry powder to water. I honestly don't think you would miss the fat if drinking a glass of Grandma's Country Cream.

The whey-based milk substitute (Morning Moo's) has a shortening-like effect when used in baking, even though it's a non-fat product. In fact, you can reduce the total fat in some baked goods if you use Morning Moo's as the dry or liquid milk.

I use powdered milk products for making cocoa mix, pancake mix, Magic Mix, pudding mix, fermenting (yogurt/kefir), a homemade cultured version of "buttermilk", sweetened condensed milk, ricotta and mozzarella cheese, cream soup mixes...... And I've never run out of milk since 1981. ;-)


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I'd like to give Milkman a try. I've been using Peak for the last two years, but I order it from Amazon. It is full-fat instant, so I keep it in the freezer. One can lasts me a long time. Like Lars, I do not tolerate liquid milk, so I've never used it for drinking or over cereal. The few times I need milk for a recipe, I reconstitute the Peak. It blends nicely and doesn't have any grit to it. Cost is not a real factor for me since a can lasts me a long time. Other than cheese, I don't care for most dairy products. Creamy drinks like hot chocolate, lattes, smoothies or milk shakes don't appeal to me at all. Same with fruity, flavored yogurt. So a dried milk product is very useful to me.

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Grainlady, I hadn't noticed the date of the original post. Yes, those prices do keep rising, LOL.

I mixed up some of the Nido last night and I was truly impressed. I originally purchase it for making hot cocoa mix for DH. The nonfat powdered milk that is usually available does not lend a good mouth feel. And many powdered cocoa mixes are just flat.

I've never heard of Peak. I'm going to check that out, too.

None of us is lactose intolerant, so there is no need for me to buy in bulk, but if I had the freezer space, I think Grandma's Country Cream would be the way to go.

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