Animal Abuse

nancymessDecember 13, 2007

Have you witnessed any kind of animal abuse? If yes, did you do anything about it?

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As in seeing someone physically abuse an animal, not personally but I can guarentee you things would get ugly if I did.


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I have seen animals being "neglected" but not physically abused.

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I have not seen animal abuse. I have seen the consequences though, and it's a good thing I don't know who the owner was.

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I think I see it every day. My whole neighborhood leaves their dogs outside, all day, wandering the streets, annoying passersby. I can't drive down my own street without having to dodge dogs left and right. When I walk my dogs through town, I am chased and harassed by the neighborhood dogs the whole way! We only live a few blocks from a highway, but there are always dogs around, wandering. I am surprised more dogs don't get hit. I have complained to the local police, but no one cares. That is the trouble with small towns, some people just don't care. I'm not sure what people are thinking, we have mountain lions and bears, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone!!

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Section 6 - Dogs Running at Large

(a) It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to fail to prevent the dog from running at large in the entire unincorporated area of Boulder County. Any dog off the owner's premises or on private property without the permission of the property owner shall be under control as defined in Section 2(f) above, inside a vehicle or similarly physically confined so that said dog is without access to passers-by. A dog is presumed to be at large if injury, damage or trespass has occurred even if said dog is under control.

Dogs in the unincorporated territory of Boulder County, and those in incorporated areas that contract with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office Animal Control, must be under control or physically confined, unless on the owner's or keeper's property.

To file a complaint or for further information, call the Animal Control Unit at (303) 441 - 3626 and leave a message for the on duty officer to return your call between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm, seven days a week or call Boulder County Communications at (303) 441 - 4444 to file a report.

((I'm assuming you are in boulder county, co.))

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Thank you! Yes, I am in Boulder county, the town with "a dog in every subaru."
I will consider calling, although I'll feel like a tattle tale! I have several sets of friends in my neighborhood and they are all scared to walk their dogs by by house, due to the rough nature of the free-roaming dogs! More than one couple have a baby or tot and more than once they have feared for their kids while walking.
I think it is worth it to call. Thanks for the numbers and your input.

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When you're afraid to walk down the street it's time to call animal control. I have no sympathy for inconsiderate and irresponsible pet owners as they are not only putting their animals in harms way but they are putting everyone else in harms way too. Please speak up about this. As you pointed out, it is a form of neglect.

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