Killing animals for fur...

nancymessDecember 13, 2007

How do you feel about raising and killing animals for their fur? We are doing a survey to include results on a Website to educate chidren about animal cruelty. Thanks in advance.

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This is a cruel and unnecessary practice and I feel disgusted when I see people wearing fur. There are plenty of other choices to keep us warm.

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I agree with Deb. What a waste of life. Death so that some one can look good. There's plenty of other materials to create warm and attractive clothing without something having to die.

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As a life long hunter and trapper I believe that the use of animal products is a great natural and renewable resource. Harvest of wild animal resources is controlled by laws to prevent the over harvest of the resource, there are also laws governing the taking of the resource to prevent undue suffering to the animal. Ranch raised fur generaly isnt of the same quality as wild and there are instances of poor management practices. Ranch raised fur animals are subject to state and federal laws which sometimes are not adhered to. these laws should be enforced to gaurantee the animals are raised as hunamly as is possible.
The entire world is concerned with "going green", the use of natural resources which have a small impact on the environment are encouraged. Wearing fur is one of the ultimate instances of "green".

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In my opinion, animal fur only looks good on the animal that was born with it. On any other being, it looks ridiculous and a poor attempt at vanity. I'm aware that our ancestors wore fur to keep warm -- they also hunted with clubs and lived in caves. If we can evolve in some ways, we should be able to evolve all the way.

"use of natural resources which have a small impact on the environment are encouraged"

One could argue that the use of fur has a HUGE impact on the animal killed for it.

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One could argue that the use of petroleum products(shoes, shirts, pants etc.) has a huge impact on everything which breathes.

Indians havent lived in caves for years, neither did colonials in this country. As a matter of fACT THERE ARE MANY WHO DO WEAR ANIMAL SKINS, FURS AS CLOTHING yet today without trying to look cool or acting out of vanity, It is just plain sensible and economicaly sound as well as environmentally sound. Dont wear fur if you dont like it, simple.

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There really is a double standard that abounds in regards to leather vs. fur. People who would never wear fur will not think twice about a leather sofa or leather shoes, etc. Another question that could be raised is should there be a distinction? Is this double standard because the cow is used for many other products and the leather is a by-product? As opposed to an animal being raised purely for its skin? What other use is there for a mink? -- and I am not being sarcastic. I am posing a real question.

I still believe in the vanity theory. Maybe it doesn't apply to you, but you have to admit that an expensive mink coat is rarely purchased for pure functionality when other options exist.

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Sure, some people look at objects as staus symbols, the same thing some one else may look at as en everyday need. Take a large SUV for example.

Sure, there are uses for the carcasses of the animals. Traditionally the smaller animals have had less practical uses because they were not economicly converted to good use such as fertilizers, in the form of blood meal, bone meal and tankage. That is changing especially with bio digesters and other uses of waste.

dont get me wrong. I do understand how some might not like killing cute little furry things for human use but tht has been a fact of life for centuries. my concern isnt that these animals are used to good purpose, I want to see rules in place that ensure the proper care of the animals while in our care and tender. As a trapper, I know most animals do not suffer for any length of time. a non trapper can never be convinced of that because they will not care to understand what does take place. Same for animals euthanized for the fur industry raised on farms/ranches.

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When you really think about it, the energy used, and the pollution created that has to use even more energy to deal with it, to process cotton, make synthetic materials, etc. may be worse than using natural products like fur.

I wish the fur trade would come back. It's a great use of the animals God gave us command over. And it would reduce the number of racoons around here who's numbers are out of control since the fur trade died.

Those who do not live in rural areas, don't understand how some these wild animals that used to be trapped are running so rampant that hunters are brought in to the scouting camp from time to time to kill them off to keep SOME control over them.

Man jumps from one end of the pole to the other, always missing the mark of balance in all things. He kills off the natural predators and when man is the only one left to replace the natural predator, PITA wants to put a stop to THAT. Pure idiocy.

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