Any tips for the applicataion of Soft Paws?

socksDecember 11, 2008

I'm attempting to keep Daisy from clawing the sofa. I got the Soft Paws claw tip things you glue on (I guess).

Are they easy to apply? Any suggestions? Do the cats seem to mind them? Can they still use the scratching post? I really don't want to do this, but if she claws again, I'll have to do it.

I got the red and green ones. The picture on the package makes me laugh.

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I got the doggy version for Mr. Jones when he learned to open the lever doorknob on Grandpa's room. He no longer would put up with being shut out when Granpa was eating, so started jumping up and pushing the lever down. The door was getting all scratched up!

I was not methodical enough in putting them on. He had just had his nails clipped, but I did not wash/scrub his nails before applying. I spent three months hoping that there was nothing bad going on under the nails. They were okay in the end.

I used too little superglue in some, and too much in others, I think. Some came off after a few weeks. Others were still on after 3 months and I had a hard time pulling them off. I think a layer of nail came off with those. I am assuming that these were the ones I got too much super glue on.

So I had mixed feelings. I did not put more on him, but I may still use them.

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I use these on my cat to save my sofa. He can still stretch and feel the satisfaction of "clawing" my rugs and his scratching post but he does no damage. He doesn't mind having them on. They last for several weeks before I trim the ends a bit (when I begin to hear his claws on the hardwood floors), then I can get a couple more weeks out of the initial set of SC. After several weeks I trim along the ridge at the top surface of the claw (carefully to not damage his claw underneath) and the old set of SC peels right off. I give him one day to clean his claws on his post and then a new set goes on. Simple to apply. Last very well. Have saved my sofa and other textiles. I will continue to use them and really think they are worth it.


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Doggone, could you clarify a bit?

Do you trim the claws before applying the tips?

Are you saying you trim the ends of the Soft Paws after several weeks?


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I dont bother with soft paws.I just yell at the top of my lungs,"NO!!!" when I see my cats scratching and that stops them in their tracks.

I have,on the other hand,beeing trimming my older cat's claws since he was a kitten.Like any kitten,he squirmed and didnt want it done.
Now he is so used to it,he lays in my arms like a big,trusting baby and almost seems to enjoy it.

I'm trying to grrom my kitten the same way.The first time or two,he DID NOT like it.He meowed and squirmed and tried to get away.
I was patient and just kept talking to him in a calm,sweet manner.Telling him it's ok and stroking him in between nails and letting him know he's a good boy.
It's working cuz the last time I trimmed he didnt fight me.

I think the same concept will work with the soft paws.The cat wont like what you are doing to them at first and try to get away.Just calm them and reassure them and they will get used to it.

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Soft paws are great but they are not for everyone. Us - I'm just going to leave my two cats at my parents home, because even IF everything went well for clawing issues, assuming there isn't some riduclous requirement to de claw all cats in group homes- all the ones I've seen had de clawed cats. there's always the chance that some buddy could just get allergies at the group home- then its to a shelter for Bindi- and knowing that he's black and doesn't get along well with strange cats/animals he'd probably get PTS..

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We thought they would be great for our then-new cat, to give her a little time to adjust to having her feet touched/nails trimmed. I have a set of scars from trying to put them on- it was seriously 10 times harder than just cutting her nails.

They did last for months, but that really wasn't a good thing- the nails and quick both got really long under there. We couldn't trim her nails short enough to keep her from damaging stuff for about a year.

Whatever you decide to do- start when they're asleep.

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