Here's my nativity sheep

share_ohDecember 18, 2006

Here's Joey at his nativity scene... really more of a petting zoo although he did stand there when they had their nativity play.

The kids loved him and in no way was he abused!

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His hair looks a bit matted, have you combed him out lately??


He's awesome!

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He's a mess alright! Poor guy!
And, forced to eat crackers all day (not that they're his favorite food or anything...)


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I bet he loved the attention. There's an apple place down the street that sells ice cream in the summer and has food for the ducks and some goats. The goats are a scream and they love the people. Maybe even more than the people with the food- they like my dogs- they clamber over that side of the cage and lick at them (now my dogs, on the other hand- don't quite know what to make of it).

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What a cutie. Makes me want to live on a farm. I would love to have sheep and goats. I'll bet he loved the attention he got.

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Yes, he's a total ham. He's lived his whole life more like a dog than a sheep. Unfortunately he was attacked by a dog and left to die by his former owner. Now he lives at my parents' farm and hasn't quite adjusted to being a sheep. Keeps escaping the pasture and winding up at their house or their neighbor's. He loves people!

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