this is sooo big how can we help?

becklauDecember 19, 2008

Someone has to hear. Someone has to care? Apparently people need help feeding & caring for their pets. The numbers are increasing of those neglected, lost, abandoned. I SEE IT!! almost everyday.

I write & write & write on the internet about what is happening. I tell & speak & tell EVERYONE what i know, what we've seen & they shrug it of or even give me strange looks. Dogs, cats everywhere behind buildings, in store parking lots, lying in the grass at my church, i notice them in surrounding fields, at the library, Walmart p. lot, YOU NAME IT, begging for attention, for food, for their lives. Sunday night I woke up to the sound of barking dogs. My 2 dogs were going crazy because

the sensed them outside. When i looked i found 8-10 maybe more dogs, of all sizes barking & running all about the yard. I live in Live Oak, Florida, in the country & the nearest neighbor is 6 acres away. I hope we didn't wake them because the noise was LOUD at 2 am ! These dogs had overturned my garbage, were hungry, lost & alone. I thought to myself, how sad BUT I can't feed 8 more dogs, we are struggling to pay our bills, with the price of food, electric, insurance, taxes etc. I had to make them leave but how? Well, this took 3 hours ! before the silence came. I tried to shoo them off to no avail. They were wagging their tails one minute & fighting each other the next. My babies were shut inside safe from the fight. I finally got a cooking pot & a spoon & started banging & shooed them off. Talk about loud. They still didn't leave until 5 am, i guess they found little food & left. I thought to myself it is bad enough in public to see neglect, but now this is

following me home! SOMEONE has to help- people in need with the means to feed their pets so they are not abandoned or left to stray! Mine will NOT, God willing, but the numbers of hungry, neglected strays are increasing.... I feel for them & love them all...but can not take on any more. I hope they don't return tonite, we need our rest! I know at least 10 families who have over 8 or more dogs EACH (some even more) ALL STRAYS! because we all own 1-10+ acres & thought we can take care of them & struggling now w/ VET VISITS, FOOD everything including our needs! ONLY because of our ECONOMY! WE COULD afford this 1,2,3 years ago! NO ONE CARES EXCEPT US it seems WE have spoke, & shouted this from the mountain tops!Hey if anyone wants a THOROUGHBRED dog DON"T pay for one there are literally 100's here in Live Oak FLORIDA in desperate need of homes running the streets! Labs, Shepard's, Pit bulls, Dachshunds, Huskies, YOU NAME IT!!!! I will not rest until someone hears & HELPS! God save these neglected, underprivileged children. Seemingly so alone in this & LOST IN THE SUNSHINE (ha) STATE

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I'm already replied to this in the pets forum- This is better off placed here anyway.

Perhaps the only other way at helping them/ other then making intact pets illegal would be to raise standards of pet food to that of human food( i'll get to the how in a little bit)- by doing this your making people who would do this kind of stuff just see it as not worth it in the first place meaning less dogs/cats would end up in this type of situation..

Sadly the only way to realistically raise the standards of all pet food would be to make pets okay for US to eat as they do in other cultures/Asia for example.- Its sounds barbaric- I know. BUT it would virtually force the pet food companies to raise their standard because there could be a 10 to 5% chance the animal eating it would be eaten by a human. FDA wouldn't allow by products or nasty food to be used anymore. Humans would have an overflow of unwanted pets at first but then as time passed the people who would turn out pets would just see them as... oh a rich car or something beyond their means of support and none or greatly less animal populations would be starving and roaming. AND animal control would find a better way of dealing with unwanted roaming pets then they do now/ use them as meat- the drugs that would be used if pts would not because the animal would be killed and eaten by us, we wouldn't be poisoning wildlife with dog and cat corpses or other pets when the dead pts animals are used in pet food- When Pet food is heated you ruin the DNA Thats why they haven't been told on as widely as they should.

Plus there are starving humans that need food also. I wouldn't eat dog or cat but it sure beats having your pet eat another pet, and its safer on wildlife that may find a dog or cat carcass tinted with PTS chemicals and feed and then die. This has happened to Bears,eagles( our National bird!) Coyotes,wolves, all the meat eaters that feed from a carcass-however do I understand most of the time it would be Horses or cows, but at lest pets wouldn't end up as feeding on pets in food under meat meal or meat and bone meal- our pets would eat better and there would be less feral/wild animals.

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I agree it's terrible,but people are losing their jobs and homes! Some people cannot afford to eat.
Someone who could afford to to feed their animals a year ago may not be able to now.
And placing them in shelters isnt much of an option when none of them are accepting because they are so full.

There is no easy solution to this problem...

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I agree, Making them legally edible for human food however would help many more pets then it would hurt... By FDA law if 5% of cats and dogs were to be made into meat for people the other 95% would benefit greatly because of tighter laws on animal feed..

Maybe the ones they use would be fighting dogs,mean or otherwise unadoptable pets...ect- ones that would be pts anyway.

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Yes it is true there are people who are hungry and in need of housing, medical care and other necessary life sustaining necessities. The reckless abuse of our economy has caused numerous hardships and unfortunately it always hurts those at the bottom the hardest. Sadly our pets who we have brought into this world and are totally Dependant on us for all of their survival are at the bottom of this chain. And yet we continue to allow the mass breeding of so called pedigree animals and designer breeds to satisfy the whims of those who must have the latest and the best available as if it's a fashion. Maybe what we need is stricter laws governing breeders so they are limited to the number of animals they can produce. It is about time we totally out law puppy mills on the federal level and not state by state. we have seen those operators simply pick up and move when one state passes restrictive laws. And finally we need to have mandatory sterilization for our home pets. Let's get these numbers under control and while we are at it let's purge out those bad DNA strains found by the harmful breeders.

Here is a link that might be useful: Traveling and cooking with grandpa

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