sunflower seeds

sandiencDecember 15, 2012

I buy 50# bags of sunflower seeds to feed all the wild birds. Does anyone know if they would be safe for my pet african grey parrot? Or should I buy seeds that say they are for pet birds?
Thanks Sandie

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I don't know but at the bird store I go to the wild bird seed and the pet birds eg parrots are in different parts of the store. Did not see any suneflower seeds there.

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Just got back from the pet store. The only sunflower seeds they have are in the wild bird section. And the combination seeds in the pet bird secion with sunflowers are mostly just filler seed that my greys just throw on the floor. What a waste of money. I usually sweep them up and put them outside for the wild birds. The same thing happened with the wild bird mix I used to buy. So many filler seeds like milo that the birds here won't touch. So I now go to the feed store and buy a 50# bag of millet and a 50# bag of black oil sunflower seeds for them. I tryed looking at the seeds in the markets and they are all salted and most are roasted also.
Thanks beegood

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I wouldn't try it. You can't feed tropical birds bread but you can wild birds. There is a difference in their digestive system I guess.

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