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HandyMacDecember 29, 2008

I just read a post and replies abouit grain free treats for dogs. The poster has begun to dehydrate their own treats---in order to eliminate giving grain in treats to the dog.

But, then she mentions banana's and deciding to start including fruits.

People do not want to feed grains---because they are not 'Natural foods'----but then will not feed food with intestines---a totally natural food---and then start feeding FRUIT!!!!!!!

Where does a dog get fruit naturally??????????????

Seems to me people feed what the person deems correct---and the actual nutritions needs of the dog are lost in smoke and mirrors.

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My Malamute/Chow mix eats the ripe persimmons that fall off the trees. Does that count? :)


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Yes it does! :-)

I suppose apples/pears/etc. at times.

But not in a daily diet.

Oh, I once had a dog that would eat anything I threw at it---to include onions. I did not do that often, however.

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Canids like foxes eat fruit, So I guess... in the wild animals have to make due

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Mine love fruit. One will circle the apple trees - but only once the apples are ripe - carefully choose her fruit, then make rather spectacular leaps to get the apple off the tree. She also eats strawberries off the vine. Again, only when they are ripe. It's a challenge for me to harvest any strawberries as she usually gets them before I do. She eats tomatoes off the vines. I have yet to find a fruit she doesn't love.

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We had to keep the dogs out of the garden to keep them from eating the strawberries and the beans. Once they discovered they were there, and that they liked them they would keep eating.

My dogs eat acorns,w hen I am not looking. They also eat grass and they aren't ruminants either.

The fruits, veggies and grains are edible for dogs, they just weren't a primary component of their diet.

I think a few grains in a dog treat isn't going to be harmful, for most dogs, as long as its a "treat" and not a primary component of their diet. Some dogs have allergies, so then you do need to be extra careful about what is in the treats.

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Allergies---how true.

Molly cannot eat canned dog food---I found that out the hard way----cleaning up numerous messes when including canned in her diet.

Yet, she often eats tree limbs---go figure.

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My dog has allergies and we put her on a grain free dog food called Orijen in the chicken formula dry food. they have others like beef and other meat varieties but the store recommend we do the chicken since chicken seems best for "allergy" dogs - It's great - she loves the taste and she both looks and feels much better.

For "treats" during the day I will give her small slivers of chicken breast I bake in oven sans any seasoning or coating -just plain, baked chicken bits. I tear it up and freeze the pieces and only take out enough to last for three days. She just loves that.

It's a bit more expensive than cookies made for dogs but her health is now so much better than it was now that we have gotten rid of grain in her diet, and she hasn't had a single hot spot to deal with either since we switched her - this was five months ago when her hot spots were getting out of control and almost impossible to deal with effectively.

Orijen is a very highly rated dog food, I really do recommend it since we has such great luck with it. No, I am not a rep of any kind, just passing on consumer brand experience.

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