Tiger, Tiger burning bright...(Kipling)

lilodDecember 28, 2007

I am referring to the tragic incident in the San Francisco Zoo

on Christmas.

Finger-pointing and blame fixing are now going on.

Concerns about the safety of the public is definitely a priority- for instance, I wonder why, in this age of surveillance, there is no camera in the area. Monitoring both human and tiger behavior would be of interest, I'm sure.

The victims are of an age when daring, macho action is a badge of courage, so to speak, so it is possible that some of the blame must be laid on them.

Lawsuits will most certainly follow.

Here is a link that might be useful: source

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Tatiana was only being a tiger. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out these wannabe gangstas were up to no good.

Hopefully justice will be served and Tatiana's death will be avenged. I am hoping these human animals will be caged when the truth comes out.

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They are hiding behind an Attorney, but I just discovered this is the Attorney who defended Scott Peterson, saying he was definitely innocent. Mr. Peterson is now on Death Row, so maybe the Attorney is not all that competent.
Apparently there were many mistakes made by the Zoo and by the Authorities, but I am sure that the two brothers are not "Victims", but had a hand in the attack.

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I'm certain the young guys were bothering the tiger, but the zoo is also liable. The walls surrounding her compound were not tall enough by four or six feet...my memory is failing me. So, even though they were teasing her, the zoo will have to pay dearly. I hope they will take precautions in the future and erect some sort of barrier to keep idiot humans away from the animals, for the sake of the animals!

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The wall has kept the tigers in for over 60 years. Those guys were doing much more than "teasing" or "taunting".

I hope that they can work the evidence and charge these bozos with the death of not only their "friend" but the death of an endangered species.

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Well, I just think it is disgusting that these punks thought it would be fun to harass a tiger (nothing better to do on Christmas day???).

But, what if the tiger after escaping had killed a small child? Do you think the child's parent would care if the the boys were teasing the tiger?? No, they would be angry as hell that the tiger could get out.

Didn't the person that die have nothing to do with the harassing of the tiger?

Personally, I wouldn't give those two punks a dime.

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FYI, It was William Blake, not Kipling, that wrote "Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright".

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Well the latest is the police got a warrant to search the car and the cell phones. The judge will decide this morning if the city attorney can examine them for the pending civil case. Hope they find enough to bring criminal charges against the wannabe gangstas.

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I am sure the brothers were not innocent victims in this attack, they have a reputation with law-enforcement already.
I do believe the Zoo unfortunately has not handled the situation very well and will be paying the price, along with the City of San Francisco.
Unfortunately the ones in charge are required to protect idiots from getting what they deserve.

Here is a link that might be useful: SF Chronicle article

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You can't geeet me! You can't geeet me! You can't.....er....

My bad....

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