Pets pictures on cards or signing their name -- hokey?

livvysmomDecember 5, 2006

Do you think it is cheesy when people sign their pets names on the family Christmas card? I do -- I just think it is a goofy thing to do.

How about including the family pet in the picture? I think this is natural and ok to do.

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The family picture is fine. They are part of the family. I only sign pets names to people who actually know my pets, and they usually include their pets on the cards they send me.

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When I had 1 dog and 1 cat I used to sign their names. Now that I have 11 pets altogether, I sign "and the zoo" after our names.

For the last several years we've done photo cards of my kids and the pets - however many we can get to cooperate. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

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okay kinda embarassing for me to admit, but I dressed my Shih Tzu in a santa hat and my mom put all the graphics in to make him look like he was in a sleigh with a winter background, he was the Christmas card. I don't think I have ever signed their names to my cards though.

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I have a photo of the pets on a card. Inscribed is their names and mine. It's probably goofy, but what the heck, it makes people happy.


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Yep, call me hokey. Guilty as charged. I guess its a family thing since we all do family with the dog pictures?

My annual holiday card includes DD and my 3 labs. The cards are signed with all our our names. I usually include their name & age.

My animals are part of my family, why would I not sign their names, especially in light of the fact that the picture is of them. I like the "and zoo". Its just a matter of what you want to do with your card.

We are have done so many pics over the years that we are still contemplating what to do with regard to this year's. It's getting to be crunch time and I am open for any ideas? Its getting tougher with the 3 large dogs. Last year we did the picture outside, so the cats being included wasn't an option. It's really not an option anyway since the cats really aren't as manageable as the dogs! LOL

We receive alot of pet cards that include the pet's names as well as the family members' names? Are we all crazy????
I think it is a good kind of crazy if so.

Happy Holidays!!

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No I do not think it's cheesy.
Dogs are not able to sign their own name so somebody has to do it for them.
If you think it's goofy then you take the whole Christmas card thing way too seriously.

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Yeah, I am obsessing a little because I normally have my picture done by now. Just trying to think of what to do since old gal can't get around, and boys 5 & 3 are a bit rambunctious. I was teasing my husband that I would need to sedate the boys this year. JUST KIDDING :)))

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For years I printed my own Christmas cards from linoleum blocks I cut. (Sounds super artsy, but I was really just a starving grad student with a long list and little money!) Not only did I sign my cats name, he was often the subject of the card.

One year I featured Yofi on the front of the card with a white fur trimmed cap, a sack on his back, a glint in his eye, and the phrase "Santa Claws is coming to town...." He had a reputation for being unpredictably evil, and apparently a lot of folks took this as a threat, rather than a holiday greeting!

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When I did a Xmas letter ,I would sign it w/ our names and their's following ..This year I will be not doing a letter but just regular cards. I will sign it w/ our last name..Smith felines. To people who really know (and care) about them I will sign individual names. I wanted to put a Santa hat on baby Henry and probably could have but no one would help me construct the letter so I gave up.

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If it's hokey then I'm plain pitiful. I e-mailed a greeting from my dog to my daughters 2 dogs complete with picture.

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Having some trouble getting the two footed beings in my house on board to help.

I like the tile idea. At this absurdly early hour I am thinking of doing my card with our newest cat, Louie, tuxedo cat in a santa hat. Great idea, I like your idea:))), although I am no where near creative enough to do more than take the picture and have a huge number printed for insertion in a pre-made card, LOL.

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The first year I made a photo card and printed it on my computer - now I get photos made and insert them in a pre-made card too.

The first year I put "Fleas Navidad!" as the title of the card (I admit I stole that off some magazine article), but boy was it cute!

Now everyone expects a picture of my kids and animals - at least my dh and I don't have to be in it - it takes both of us to try to get everyone to sit still.

A little trick for cats - I sprinkle some catnip where I want them to be - of course it keeps them from looking at the camera, but with 4 of them, I'm lucky to just get them in the dang photo! lol

My task for this weekend is to get this year's photo done.

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Life does not have to be so serious. I sign my dogs name to whatever I want, I have enough of my mom in me. I do what I want, and I enjoy my dogs and my life, life's too short to worry about hokey or not. So, I am hokey. Merry Christmas from Coal and Skye.

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I'm with rthummer, what on earth is wrong with being hokey?
My dogs not only appear and sign holiday cards, but also sign birthday cards, graduation cards, anniversary cards...thinking of you cards...get well soon cards. You name it.

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One of the few cards that I have kept is the one my DH got the dogs to sign for me. He use my artist's charcoal on their paws and then paw-printed my card and signed their name underneath. Now that 2 of the 3 dogs in the card have passed, it means even more to me.

My dogs used to exchange stockings with DH sister's dog, but SIL's dog has now passed. They do exchange cards with my mom's and brother's dogs now. I also have a stocking for my dogs and one for the "other critters" (lizards, ferret, bird, etc).

The dogs' stocking

the other critters' stocking

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My first Mother's Day I got the card with the footprints of our first lab. Absolutely priceless. Couldn't believe DH was so thoughtful and you have one of those too Meghan!

Cute, cute. We have stockings too. In fact, DD has the fever so bad, Santa has hung all the animals' stockings already! Of course are of the regular variety, yours Meghan are really somethin girl...

I have to confess again, yes I do sign my guys' names on other cards throughout the year too.

23 days to go and still haven't done the card....

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My cats get presents at Christmas and their names are signed on some of the cards too. My cards this year have a cat on them that strongly resembles one of mine too.

I don't care if it is hokey!

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It is hokey, but we do it on occasion. We have 2 little shih tsus that get stockings and presents (Shamus can smell the dog toys and growls at them).

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It's a bit out of date now but I always did it for family cards and only family that I knew loved my dog(he's since passed on now). Dog's are people too!

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It's not hokey at all! I sign our entire family on cards (including the furkids) If you still think it's hokey read on...
I work for a vet and about 3 years ago we had a lady come in to leave her dog for daycare. The husband was dying of cancer and they had come back to let him be with his family.
The dog, Max, was wonderful. Everyone loved him and he was super sweet and smart. I began talking with the lady when she came in and one day she told me they had just celebrated DH birthday a couple of months ago and she hoped he would hold on for 3 more days because it would be their anniversary. They were both in their early 50's and had only been married a few years and she said it would mean so much to both of them if they could celebrate one more year. Sadly, she came in the next day to leave Max with us and told me DH passed away early that morning.
I went on my lunch and bought a sympathy card from our practice and then I bought a Happy Anniversary card.
I filled out the Anniversary card from Max to his "mom" It was started off that "dad" told him to make sure he told her Happy Anniversary, and to tell her how much he loved her and was fortunate to have such a wonderful marriage with a loving and caring person. I rubbed Max's paw with ink and stamped the card. I put it in his tote bag, she never checked it.
She picked Max up on their anniversary, and she was just devastated by her loss. She was on her way back home and thanked us for caring for Max. She left and about 30 minutes later she came back, she had stopped to get gas and checked his tote bag to make sure he had everything and found the card. She was crying happy tears and said that was the most thoughtful thing "Max" had ever done for her. She wanted my address, a few weeks later I received a thank you card and wonderful pictures of both of them.

*moral of this story...hokey as it may seem, it may be the world to someone else*

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