Can I paint over metallic wallpaper? vinyl?

cindiw2October 5, 2008

If so, how do I prepare the wall? It's pretty well solid, no tears or coming off the wall. How about vinyl? Can I prepare it to paint over it w/o taking the whole shebang off? I'm t-i-r-e-d of pulling wallpaper & paste off the wall. also --

and this is off-topic, there is a check-off box under my pre-posted message which says I should check it if I want copies of folluw-ups to be emailed to me. I always check this off but have never, ever, had a message notice emailed to me. Why is that?

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The RIGHT answer is not what you want to hear...


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Faron, I guess you're right about what I don't really want to hear. :-( oh well. What about my not receiving email messages? Don't they like me?

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None of us like you.


(Yes...Yes I am a Brat!!)

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yeah, Faron, you really are a brat. Hey -- how about pasting more tissue paper to the metallic wallpaper? No...I know. I'll leave the paper for the next customers to toy with. Meantime, I can't get email follow-ups because no one likes me. I knew eventually this would be the case. sob. although I probably will ask the board world in the future if I can apply the tissue paper business over the metallic wallpaper. There's the solution!! :-)
My signature: "I'm no I'm no good..." probably said by Randy Newman.

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LOL Cindi!!!
" email follow-ups because no one likes me..."
THAT'S classic!!

I kinda like the Tissue-paper technique!

We used to sell a TON of tissue for this. I could email you our instruction sheet if you want?!

When/if you tire of it, prime the wall & HIRE Paintguy to do a couple smooth skimcoats!!

Van-Halen did a version of "No Good" didn't they?!


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yeah, maybe Van Halen did it, I'm sure it's a common refrain among many creatively ill people, including myself. No one likes me -- don't know why -- still can't get my email even after I check the box...Well, actually, it's either you or Gardenweb that doesn't like me because I can't get notifications of responses even after I check the email box. Yes, I guess I did something wrong, my personality stinks. fuhthermore, alright, I'll take your old directions for tissue application, who knows? maybe I'll like it but I must keep remembering how awful I am. I think I have good directions, but I'll compare yours. Don't worry I have more questions up my sleeve, I'm sure. Thanks for offering.
saith the raven, nevermore.
As an afterthought, I don't want to get TOO angry, because I might just wind up throwing coffee on my wall and call it modern art wallcoloring.

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you can paint over the paper with the right kind of primer, but that is not the norm. If at all possible you should try and remove the paper . Removing the paper would be the best, but if the paper is solid and intact it is possible to paint over and provided the paper does not have any raised design areas.

If this is possibly the same question relating to the other question of tissue paper, again removing the paper would be the best solution; if not once again, need to make sure you do a really good job preparing the surface before going on to the next step. Have your papers crumbled and when applying to the wall just make sure the seams do not show (with the tissue itself and the seams of the wallpaper) .

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